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We walk around the village slowly. Phil points to places and tells me what they are. We walk past a school which he tells me I will be attending. Then we approach a small house where Phil tells me his friend lives. I stand quietly beside Phil as he knocks on the door, still sat in his wheelchair. Soon the door opens and a tall man with cut,y brown hair stands before us. He looks about the same age as Phil and is wearing dark sunglasses. "Now, either Phil is standing before me or a small child just knocked on my door." The man says with a small smile.

"Both." Phil replies with a grin. "I brought Dan round to meet Chris." He adds.

"Oh good, well come on in then." He retreats into the house, his hand never leaving the wall and we follow him into a small, homely living room which is slightly bigger than Phil's. "Sophie's just gone down to the market but Chris is out back with his friend, Ben."

"Well, this is Dan." Phil says and he guides the man's hand over to meet mine.

"I'm Pj, pleasure to meet you, Dan." The man, Pj, says but he doesn't look directly at me.

"Nice to meet you too." I reply shyly.

"Just in case you were wondering, yes, I am blind and, yes, that is why I am not at war despite being 22." Pj says and I feel silly for not putting it together straight away.

"Oh, how old is your son?" I ask.

"Well, technically adopted son. Sophie, unfortunately, couldn't have children but Chris is wonderful. He's 17. I hope this war ends soon, I couldn't bare it if he had to go off to war next year when he turns 18." Pj pulls a face but it is soon replaced with a wide smile.

"Dan, why don't you go out back and introduce yourself to Chris." Phil says and I nod, even though I really don't want to. "It's just through that door there." He points to a door just behind where I am stood. I quickly take my leave and make my way through the door into a small back garden. There are two boys kicking a ball around. They're both very tall, one of them with a sandy colour hair and the other one with bright red hair. They both turn to stare at me as I step out into the garden.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" The one with red hair asks, stalking over yo me. I back up into the wall.

"Calm down, Ben, it's just that loser that Mr Lester took in." The sandy haired one says.

"Well what on earth is he doing here, Chris?" Ben sneers, looking down at me threateningly.

"Um, I, they told me to, err, come out here." I stammer, I knew this wouldn't go well.

"Did it look like he was talking to you?" Chris demands. "Is your name Chris?"

I shake my head quickly.

"Didn't think so." Chris says and shoves me slightly against the wall of the house. "What do you go by, anyway?"

"D-Dan." I stutter quietly.

"Aw, look at the blubbering idiot." Ben coos. "Right, listen up and listen good." He says as he holds my shoulders against the wall. "We are not your friends."

"Yeah, despite what my 'dad' may want, we're never going to be your friends." Chris agrees. "We're going to be your enemies, your worst nightmare. Understood?"

I gulp thickly. "Yes, I understand."

Ben stands on my foot and twists his own foot, grinding mine into the pavement while Chris holds his hand over my mouth to stop me from making any noises. "Now here's what you're going to do." Chris says, as they continue their actions. "You're going to go back in there, tell Mr Lester you feel sick and you're going to go home. You don't breathe a word of this to anyone, got it?"

I nod as bast I can with his hand over my mouth.

"Good, now run along, faggot." He sneers and they let me go.

Oh how I freaking hate teenagers. I guess, I can't escape the bullying. I never can escape the pain.

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