i'am gonna be famous !

i went to the toilet brushed my teeth and wear a cute pyjamas and went to the bed and close my eyes smiling then i found my self asleep

i wake up on my alarm i washed my face take a quick shower and wear my skinny jeans and a shirt who wrote on int " infinty" and the picture

i pull my hair into a high pony tail and put a little maskara red lipstick 

take my iphone and my keys and went to the car i start driving to the placE that simon give it to me

i saw a big building and went into it the building

i asked for simon, i went to simon office "hello hello diana" he said smiling " hi " i said 

" ready to the contract ?? " he asked i take a deep breath "yes" i said 

" there is a studio that you can record there take the address " he said giving me a piece of paper

i'am so happy " but you need a company to explain you things that will happen after tommorow !" he said

what does he mean ? " what will happen after tommorow " i asked

" the red carpet so today you are gonna go to the studio and tommorow you are gonna record " he said

" so i think your company will be ariana grande " he said i was about to fail from happiness i love her very much

she come in she look so pretty

" hey so you are the pretty new girl " she said smiling

" yeah she is " simon said

" so c'mon we have a lot to do " she said

we got in the car

we talked a lot she is a  good girl we went to the studio they tested my vocal and gave me a lyrics

" wanna do a girly sleepover ? " ariana asked " yes but i should say to my mom" i said i pull my iphone from my pocket

" hey mom "i said 

" hey sweetheart" she said 

"mom can i go to a sleepover with my friend? " i said

" sure but why ? " she asked 

i explained for her every thing

" MY LITTLE GIRL GONNA BE A SUPER STAR " she said happily 

"bye mom love you " i said 

"love you too " she said

we went to ariana's house really i'am happy

so exited tommorow gonna be my first song !!


please guys support me 

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