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It's been about 5 years since I left Derek and Beacon Hills behind. The first year was the worst; learning how to control the shift on your own isn't easy, let me tell you. I shreaded apart many secluded villages, becoming a monster. However, a  kind man found me as a homeless, dirty, 17 year old girl. He took me into his home, later telling me that he was a werewolf and wanted me to join his pack. He became like a father to me, and the rest of the pack became like family as well- except for Aidan. Only a few months of me joining the pack, he admitted his love for me and as a result we are now happily dating.

I told my father (as he liked me to call him as he thought of me as his own precious daughter) about my past life and how I was turned into a werewolf. Father, to break my ties to my horrible family renamed me Evangeline (a name as beautiful as his precious daughter, he had said). Father also had me kill an alpha so that he could train me to become "the most powerful werewolf out there."

He soon made me realize that none of this was my fault and that the Hales had planned to kill me all along. He told me that they thought I wouldn't be strong enough to endure the transition, and that they deserved to be massacred by my Aunt Kate. At this information, I began to develop a great hatred towards the Hales and all of those that associated with them. Most of all, I wanted revenge on Derek for playing me like a fool, do naturally when Father told me that we were going back to Beacon Hills to acquire a boy named Scott McCall and for me to excecute my revenge on Derek, I was ecstatic.

We soon started the long trek back to Beacon Hills, California; a most ingenious plan already hatched by Father.


I screamed out again in hopes of Scott McCall or the evil Derek Hale hearing me. If this plan worked, one of the two (if we're lucky, both) will come running to my aid, where Father and the rest of the pack would ambush them.

Suddenly, I heard 2 female and 1 male voice screaming the names Scott and Derek over and over again. As I heard the two boys approach, I countined playing the damsel in distress as Aidan pretended to attack me.

When I finally laid eyes on the two men as they quickly approached, ready to save me from my boyfriend, two emotions ran through me: impression and disgust. Impression because Scott easily beat Aidan in no time, though Aidan was an alpha. Disgust because Derek the traitor was here.

"Are you alright?" a soft male voice asked me as I lay on the ground trembling and "crying" in "fear".

" Y-yeah I-I think so," I sniffled. My acting skills right now were even impressing me! However, the sound of my voice made Derek do a double take at me. I snorted internally. Now he remembers me.

A large hand engulfed mine as Scott lifted me up off of the ground.

"What's your name?"

"London Argent," two people said in sync. One being my sister Allison, in a surprised whisper, and the other being Derek in an impassive voice.

"Actually, it's Evangeline. I didn't quite like the name London for my new precious daughter when I found her at the young age of 17, shriveling away in the streets. So, I changed it to a name more suitable for her; beautiful, cunning, manipulating, and deceiving. She seems to have those traits, don't you agree?" Father smirked as he emerged from the surrounding woods with Uncle Ennis, Aunt Kali, Ethan, and Aidan.

Suprise and sadness etched Derek's face at Father's words and Aidan, who now had his arms wrapped around me as he kissed my temple.

"Who are you, exactly?" Scott growled out at Father.

I unwrapped myself from Aidan's arms and walked briskly over to Scott. I grabbed his jaw harshly and forced him to look in my eyes. "Be careful boy, Father doesn't like being disrespected." With that, I threw the boy to the ground.

Quickly, Scott's pack surrounded him. After checking to make sure that he was alright, Allison shot up with a glare on her face. "London what had happened to you?! Firstly, that man over there isn't your father. Secondly, that pack of wolves aren't your family. Thirdly, you aren't violent like this!"

As she said this, I stood with a hand on my hip as I yawned with disinterest. I started circling Allison, anger written in the smirk I wore. "I became a werewolf is what happened to me. Firstly, he has been a better father to me than I biological one. Secondly, they are more loving and accepting that my real family. Thirdly, yes I am violent like that," with that I turned, stopping Derek's attack and pinning him against a tree with one hand around his neck. Hearing that liar gasping for air made me smile with satisfaction.

I quickly threw Derek down, putting a boot on his chest to prevent him from getting up. "Try that again, and I swear I will kill you in the most painful and torturous way I can think of, you disgusting pig," I growled in his pain-filled face.

Slow clapping started behind me from Father. "Well done, Evangeline. I knew that having you kill and alpha would make you the most powerful wolf out there," he smiled.

"Now Scott, I have a proposal for you. Become part of my pack, or I kill your loved ones," Father said with a malicious smile.

Scott and his pack were rendered silent at Father's proposal.

Finally, Scott spoke, "Who even are you?"

"I am Deucalion. Now, we will give you a few days to decide on my proposal. Be wise. Come, Evangeline."

I stood glaring at Derek and Allison until Aidan came up to kiss me. With that, I smirked at the group, waving my fingers teasingly as I turned to follow Father and the rest of the pack with Aidan.


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Okay so I was thinking that I could do a competition of sorts? Like maybe a cover contest? The winner would get a character in the story and a dedication and maybe something else when I think of it.

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