Ivana's P.O.V.

I stomp away from him and out of the shop.

What the actual fuck though?

Who the hell is he to ask me not to walk away when he'd done it to me when I needed him most.When I needed a shoulder to cry on,he wasn't even there.

And that's why there were no tears shed.

I mean,what's the point?

My anger boiling inside of me had reached another level.

"You've been lying to me the entire time,"he said coldly,He said it so coldly,I literally feel the shivers running down my back and my heart rate picks up as I feel his intense gaze.

I furrow my brows."What do you mean?"

"See for yourself why don't you?"he spits as he points at his phone is near my feet.

I cross my legs and I pull up the sleeves of his hoodie before grabbing his phone.I stare at the screen emotionlessly and my blood runs cold.

Who could have this photo?I stare down at the picture of little Ivana crying as she sat in front of the bodies of her dead parents with their blood on my hands.The bullets in between their eyes were clearly visible and I could feel tears in my eyes.My mouth feels dry.


And that's when my heart shattered.

And now he has the nerve to ask me to stay?




"For crying out loud,Ivana!"

I had left the store without even purchasing the milk.That's how furious I am at Kellan.No one has ever made me angry enough to leave food behind.



I turn around and I glare at him,not in the mood for him to ignite any kind of emotion that I might have in me towards him.

At this moment,I didn't want to love him.I wanted to hate him.

But even at this enraged stage of mine,my heart couldn't help skipping a beat at the sight of him and it disgusted me.

"What the hell do you want from me!?"

"Please hear me out?"

"Well,I'm fucking here aren't I?"

He scrunches his nose up and to me it's the cutest thing ever,"don't cuss."

"Why the hell not?"I argue,but I know that I'm just being difficult.

"I'm sorry for what happened back there-"

"-Kellan,don't"I interrupt but instead,he takes one step towards me and now we're nearly 5cm apart and my heart is beating like an African drum in my chest.

Damn it.

My eyes,unconsciously,fell to his lips and my mouth went dry.They look so inviting.

Am I even angry at this guy?


He places a hand on my waist and I want to pull away and yell at him for touching me when I didn't want him to.

But I can't.

Because I did want him to touch me and his hand?Yeah,it's driving me insane.

"I'm sorry that I'm not man enough for you.I'm sorry that I care too much for you and I'm sorry that I want you in every way possible,but that's just the way life is."

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