Chapter 5 Captain Luckus

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"What a lovely name...Winter Sky." Walls said.
"My parents were drunk when they gave me my name." I never really liked my parents.
"You...have parents problem! My mom is a drunken bitch! My dad is in the bottom of the sea!" He started to laughed. "I didn't..."
"Don't be sorry Bitch. I never liked them. I was never supposed to be here!" He laughed more. This time I could smell the alcohol on his breath. "Your bloody drunk! I want to talk to the Captain!" He looked at me funny.
I was brought to the captain. He had black emo hair. "Welcome Mrs.Sky!"
"Ms..." I corrected him.
"Ah, Ms.Sky so I have been told you are quite a sword fighter." I nodded. "I want you to join a attack on the Black Beauty!"
"I will."

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