Chapter 11

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Kellens P.O.V

The rest of the day we told each other sappy love lines.

"So what did you do when I wasn't around?" Ryan asked me as he brushed my hair.

"Wondering were you were. Denying girls asking me out, avoiding Fin Iike the flu " I sighed as I kissed his cheek and smiled.

"Wow, sounds fun! I played video games." He said, snuggling me while we played a video game.

"Kel, Ry!" Gale called from the kitchen.

We went downstairs to see what he wanted, and he handed us 200 dollars.

"Here, just don't stay in your room, go to a restaurant or go sh-"

"Shopping!" We yelled at the same time, before we went back upstairs to change.

"Okay girls," Gale joked when we returned, handing us the car keys, "Go have fun shopping."

Ryan took the keys from, and we headed out to the car to go shopping.

The drive was pretty short as we
drove to the mall quickly.

"I call Hot Topic first." I told Ryan as he pulled into the parking lot.

"Fine, but after we have to go to the anime store," he snorted, unbuckling his seatbelt.

"You're such a closet otaku!" I laughed as I got out the car, grabbing his hand as he followed.

"Well that's not my fault is it? Who showed it to me?"

"Fine," I smiled and kissed his cheek, pulling him into Hot Topic

After I found a couple of shirts and a seatbelt belt I liked, we went to the anime store.

"Run wild babe," I smiled and sat in a chair as he looked around, texting Sasha, my friend.

Ryan's P.O.V

I looked around and picked up some Dmmd, Tokyo Ghoul, SnK and Black Butler stuff before walking back to Kellen and sitting in his lap.

"Agh Ryan you're to heavy!" He moaned and pushed me off.

"Are you calling me fat?!" I said sassily and walked out.

"No babe, you're all bones and muscle." I smiled as we walked to the car and began to drive back home.

As they got home they went to their room, putting there new stuff away. Ryan watching tv and Kellen sat at the desk doing his home work.

Ryan's P.O.V

45 minutes have passed and I turned to Kellen, who was squirming in his seat.

"Babe do you have to wee? You should go to the bathroom" I said. " I don't have to" he replied and continued to squirm.

I got up and walked over to him turning the chair and looking at him as he started at him lap. "Oh ... Your so naughty Kellen" I smirked and went to work.

Ha no smut this time . I don't feel like writing it maybe if you convince me I would .

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