Dream Guy

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Your sitting at the bar waiting for the blind date your friend set up for you. Your not usually the type to do this but hes supposed to be a doctor and your friend was really persistent. She did tell you he would be wearing a blue sweater vest and black pants while she told him you'd be wearing a black dress with a red rose in your hair. So here you are waiting an hour and a half later than what time you were supposed to meet. Your hopeful he didn't stand you up and just had an emergency. After 3 hours you know you've been stood up. Your not happy and sad that even your blind date a man that's never even met you before doesn't even want you. You take another drink of your Glencraig. You sigh as the burn goes down your throat. "What is a girl like you doing here alone?" Oh that accent is to die for. You turn to see the guy. Wow. He's your dreaman. Amazing eyes scruff stylish dresser and that accent. "My blind date stood me up. If you really must know. So I'm drowning my sorrows in this excellent Craig." "Woman after my own heart. What's the vintage?" "15years would have preferred 30 years but beggars can't be choosers." He raises an eyebrow at that. You get to talking and he's the perfect gentleman. You stay talking until the bar closes you invite him over. You don't live that far from the bar you can walk there. You walk. You aren't the type to sleep with someone on the first date but he really is your dream guy. You end up in bed together. When you wake up he's gone. He left a note. "Had a wonderful evening darling ~Crowley" You sigh and are sure you'll never see your dream guy again.

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