(Liam's POV)

Yep I'd say Harry has better ideas than I do, he's brilliant. My idea was to wait it out and let Ezra get caught and then we grab Anna. Harry's idea is loads better. "We pay the money" he says "clearly they already know where he is, or whoever it is wouldn't be this confident" he runs a hand through is hair "after we pay the money they tell us where they are. Then every thing will continue to fall into place" I nod my head understanding his plan perfectly... I have to admit it does make more sense. "Glad to see your back to your old self Hazza" Niall says with a massive grin on his face. Harry laughs "me too Nialler" he claps his hands "Now, who has all this information? Who does Ezra owe the money to? and are we capable of doing some kind of a deal with them?" I pull out my phone and hand it to Harry "Dylan and his gang have the most information, that's how We found out" I point to myself and Niall. Harry nods and walks away, going upstairs. I exhale and relax on the couch "and so it begins" Niall raises an eyebrow "all the drama... Anna isn't going to come easily like she did the first time. Now we have to deal with Zayn, Louis, Ezra, and whoever the hell is after him." Niall rolls his eyes, showing how I feel inside. Why can't things just be simple for once, why can't Anna just come willingly? Oh that's right, because she's a fucking- a knock on the front door gets my attention "who's that?" I ask Niall, he replies with a shrug. I open the to see Dylan "well that didn't take long" he smirks "I just so happened to be in the neighborhood, where's are dear Harold" did I mention I really hate this piece of shit, Like really really hate him. "HARRY! Douchebag is here!" When I'm done calling for Harry I look at Dylan and smile "was that necessary?" He asks, I laugh and say "Yup" he rolls his eyes and looks behind me to see a waiting Harry at the bottom of the steps. Harry motions for Dylan to follow him which he does. Great now I won't know what is going on, left in the dark again. I feel like Ezra when he was in the gang... I shake at that thought.

(Niall's POV)

"This is fucking ridiculous!" I scream at Liam. How long do I have to put up will being treated like shit. I'm sick of it. "Niall calm down, its not like he's letting me know what's going on either" "I don't care Liam, we are a part of this gang to, whatever Harry decides will affect our lives too" Liam doesn't say anything and the room goes silent. I'm really getting sick of being Harry's little puppet - drive here, wait here, go get me this, go do this. Over and over again and then being treated like a speck of dirt on the bottom if his shoe. Fuck this. I get up and leave, Liam follows "where are you going?" "do you really care" I say as I walk out of the front door. I reach into my pocket and grab my phone, maybe Louis will answer. It rings and rings and rings, I'm about to hang up but "what can I do ya for Nialler?" His voice chirps through the speakers "I'm sick of Harry's shit" he laughs "then tell him to stop shitting" I roll my eyes at his attempted joke "I'm being serious Lou!" The laughing dies down and Louis says "what do you want me to do about it Niall? I'm not exactly Harry's favorite person right now" he is right Harry hates his guts "Niall?" I sigh "can't I just stay with you" he chokes and it's a while until he gets his composure back "are you crazy! You know who is here with me" "I never did anything to Anna-" "Niall you fucking gave her to Dylan, when we got her back do you remember how traumatized she was" "that was a long time ago-" "Niall, she was- you know what, you don't just get over something like that, especially when your friend is the one who put you in that position" he sighs and asks me "where are you?" "outside of the flat" "is Harry out?" "Yeah, today we got him" I decide not to tell him about Ezra... if I do get in that house I want leverage just in case something happens. "Look, I'll talk to Zayn and see what he has to say. I'm not making any promises through" relief washes over me "thanks mate" "yeah" I hang up the phone after and sit on the curb. If all this works out things are going to start looking up for me.

The next day...

Waiting for Zayn to pick me up has been torture. I can't tell anyone, and I'm getting nervous. If Harry finds out I'm going against him again I'm dead. The first time he let it fly because he knew I was seriously messed up with drugs and according to him "you didn't know what you were doing" the only problem is, I did. I knew exactly what I was doing, just like I know what I'm doing now. My phone vibrates, signaling that Zayn is around the corner waiting for me.

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