Stumbling in Chapter 8

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Bellona POV
After I locked them out I did a quick sweep of the house then checked it to see if they had bugged the house. Once I was done I went up to my room and pulled out pajamas and looked out the window and saw the two men sitting in my yard. I shake my head and step away from the window.
Scotland POV
We sat in her yard waiting for her to go to sleep and I see a light up stairs turn on and a figure in the window. I look right at it and see that it's the lass and watch her as she steps away from the window and turns her back to us.
Bellona POV
I quickly changed out of my day clothing and into my pajamas and pull out a gun and place it under my pillow. Before closing my eyes to sleep.
Dream state.
"Hey kiddo." A man says with his brown hair sticking to his forehead from the water with one curl standing up. As the younger me runs down the beach to the man and hugs him the Italian beach quiet and calm.
"Papa! Papa!" The girl says wrapping her arms around his waist and hugging him.
"Yes my little Bella?" He say picking the small me up and resting me on his hip as he walks toward a tall lady with her hair in a tight bun. And a grim line on her face.
"The scary lady said I had to leave you." I pout hugging him.
"You do but your going to live with a nice family for a little bit. You will have lots of fun my little Bella." He says kissing my five year old selfs forehead and handing her to the cold lady.
"No Papa!" The younger me reaches out for her father. And I try and call out to but no noise comes and I try to run to him to tell him not to let me leave.
But I'm frozen I can't do anything.
Dream state over
I open my eyes to be met with black leather and a car engine starting.
I sit up and frantically try to open the door.

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