chapter two

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cara's pov:

I sit on my bed, scrolling through Tumblr and Twitter on my phone, before I go over to my best friend Jessica's house. Jessica said that her brother Luke, is back from touring with his band, so he'll be home for a few weeks, and he'll be there when we hang out. Wonderful.

Well, I mean, Girls Like Guys kind of needs some time off too, we're a group too y'know, just cause we're girls doesn't mean we can't be successful.

But when I first saw him before we went onstage, I was immediately attracted to his lip piercing and baby blue eyes. I caught his fiery eyes on me but I didn't want to look at him, and make things awkward. What am I even saying? I'm in their rivalry band, I shouldn't even be thinking of them.

But I can't get him out of my mind.

I'm dating Ashton anyway, but shh, you don't know that.

I slip my converse sneakers and dart down the street to Jessica's old, run down house.

I knock on the door with three knocks so that she knows its me.

Her smile is from ear to ear when she sees me and she hugs me tight.
"Its so good to see you again! I missed you." Jessica says to me.
"You too." I say to her and she invites me inside. The living room smells of the same lavender air freshener that I always remembered about her house.

Not much has changed, but the table and chairs have moved around a little bit.

I breathe in the warm scent and roll my finger through my blue dip dyed hair.

My phone goes off to a custom text tone that I made and I know that it's Ashton.

I blush when I look at the text.

*It was good seeing you babe, I'll see you in a few weeks. I love you.*

I quick typed

*I love you too* before Jessica raises her eyebrows up at me.

"It was just Ash." The butterflies take over the pit in my stomach whenever I say his name.

Jessica rolls her eyes and leads me up to her bedroom, where we'd end up talking about guys while listening to some of my music.

She squeals softly, I guess she was happy that I was back. Luke grumbles while walking into Jess' room.

"Jess, keep the noise-" Luke stops mid sentence when he sees me.

"Hi." I smile, waving my hand in the air.

"It's about time you're up." Jessica says to him and I blush just seeing his face.

"It's twelve, this is early for me." Luke says and I wished I could sleep that late.

"What are you doing here?" He snaps at me, and I can't help but laugh at his messy hair thats placed on top of his head.

"I'm Jessica's friend, I'm Cara." I say to him and he snorts.

"Are you the girl from 'Girls Like Guys' that awful pop band?" Luke asks me and I pretend like it doesn't hurt me.

"Yeah, you're Luke, the guy from the shitty cover band 'Four Months Of Winter.'" I say to him and Jessica laughs.

"Excuse me." Jessica whispers into my ear before excusing herself to the washroom.

Great, now it's just me and this arrogant asshole Luke in the same room.

"It doesn't make any sense, there's four members and your name is five seconds of summer, why not four seconds of summer, or four minutes of winter or something?" I say to him and he laughs.

"Why not Girls Like Raisins, or boys don't like us, or girls like girls or guys like girls." Luke says back to me and I laugh unsympathetically.

God, he's so attractive.

I snap myself out of my misery.

"Because we do like guys." I sass at him.

"Well maybe, the summer feels like it lasts five seconds." Luke scratches the back of his neck. Jessica told me he does that when he's concentrating on something.

Luke still stands at the doorway and I still sit on Jess' bed, I somehow wish we could be closer, but then I don't want to risk my temptations.

Making my mouth burst with heat, Luke inches closer to me.

"I thought you were super gorgeous since the first time I saw you." Luke's husky voice says to me, suddenly turing oh so sexy.

He twirls his finger in my blue hair.

"Haha." I laugh at him, pushing him away. I couldn't forget about Ashton, and this is Jessica's brother for God Sakes!

"You know you want this." Luke says, piling himself on top of me.

I did want it, but I couldn't let myself have it.

Their song Try Hard got stuck in my head about an hour before, so I wanted to leave Luke with a little torturous tease.

"I would Luke." I say seriously.

"But...?" He asks me, motioning for me to continue.

"You play guitar." I say to him, feeling his warm hand intertwine with mine.

"Who gives a crap?" Luke asks me.

"I'm into drummers." I say to him, thinking of Ash's cute grin.

Sorry, this was kinda basic I just wanted to add a pun into it hahaha.

For the next chapter, I suggest you listen to Amnesia on repeat, it just kind of gives it a deeper meaning. And try not to cry.

I know this is just the beginning, but it will get better and their relationship will get more in depth I promise!

But will Cara be able to tell Luke her secret? O.o.o

Plot twist!

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