Chapter 15

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The next morning I take a shower in the hospital. I smell horrible and my hair looks awfull. I ask the nurse for something to sit on in the shower since I can't stand for more then a minute. She gets me a plastic chair and I wash my hair and my body with the soap from the basket Pauline brought me yesterday. I dress myself in the clothes Susan brought me and lay down in bed again. Exhausted from the pain in my leg, I fall asleep. I wake up and Pauline is sitting next to me. "Hey Julie, how are you feeling today? Have you seen the blue skies yet? The weather's so lovely today!" "Good morning Pauline," I say. "You mean afternoon, sleepyhead, It's already 2 o'clock," Pauline says laughing. "Has Mr. Grant been around yet?" I ask. He promised to bring me home. "No, he called me, he had stuff to do, so he asked me to pick you up." "Right," I say disappointed. Oh my god, why would I be disappointed? He's busy, so what? Oh my... I'm not... Oh god... "Let's go," I say and I get up. We walk to Pauline's car. Me in a wheelchair, wich I hate, but my bloody leg can't do shit. Pauline carrying the baskets and balloons and stuff I recieved from friends and collegues. "Is Mr. Grant working on a case?" "Hmm?" "Mr. Grant, is he busy solving another crime?" Why'd I ask this? It's none of my busyness. "I don't know, he didn't tell me," Pauline says. I step in the front seat and Pauline in the drivers seat, after she'd put all the presents in the back. We ride off towards my appartement. "Did Mr. Grant give you anything?" "No, he didn't, but he's been with me all the time, until I woke up." "All the time?" "Yes, well, that's what he told me, why?" "Just wondering." Pauline smiles. "Oh stop." I say. "What?" She says laughing. "I know what you're thinking." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah, you think he's in love with me, or I'm in love with him. But that's not true, we're just collegues." "Oh yeah?" "Yes. Gosh." I start laughing. "Mr. Grant is like... I don't know... He's just not my type." I say. "Why? Is his hair the wrong colour? Is he too tall? Too unsportive?" "No, it's... Nevermind, just forget about it." Pauline keeps smiling. I sigh. We get to my appartement. I step out of the car and so does Pauline. Then a phone rings. It's Pauline's. She answers it and says to me: "I am so terribly sorry, but I must go. Mr. Grant said I must come immediatly, even if inconvenient." She helps me getting the presents out of her car and rides away. I put the baskets on the ground and open the door, then I pick them up again and go inside. I walk to the living room and put the baskets in the chair. Then I fall on the couch. When I turn my head around I notice the basket on my table. I walk towards it and read the card. I'm so sorry I didn't show up this afternoon. I hope Pauline got you home safely. I hope to cheer you up with a small dinner. I will pick you up at 7. -Richard

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