Chapter Twenty-Three

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"Hey whats your name." Andrew asked

"My name is Arianna is it really true that your my dad and not him." Arianna said looking at Josh when she said him

"Yes it's true." Andrew said laughing

"So where were you this whole time?" Arianna asked

"Let's just say I did something terrible to your mom and I was in jail before you were born and today I just found out that your my daughter." Andrew said

"Oh okay." Arianna said

"Yea." Andrew said

"Okay well how about you come back later or tomorrow or never and then you can get to know your daughter." Josh said

"Josh stop it Andrew is Ari's real father and you knew that she wasn't your daughter when we went on our first date so stop acting like that and Ari has the right to know who her real dad is and get to know him." Janet said starting to get mad

"Okay fine if he wants to start hitting on you again or Ari and go back to jail that's fine with me." Josh said going up the stairs to their room

"Hold on a sec I'll be right back and don't hit her or touch her in the wrong way cause I will have you put back in jail." Janet said looking at Andrew

"I'm not going to do that I promise." Andrew said looking at Janet smiling

"Okay." Janet said heading up the stairs going up in their room

"So what do you like to do for fun?" Andrew ask

"I like to draw, swim and ride horses I adore horses." Ari said smiling

"That's nice." Andrew said smiling

"Yea what do you like to do?" Arianna asked

"I love to play basketball, baseball, football and track." Andrew said

"So your a sports person?" Ari asked

"Yes I am I was very athletic I grew up in in a rich family and I played sports all through high school and when I was little." Andrew said

"Oh so what did you do before you went to jail?" Ari asked

"I was a banker." Andrew said

"That sounds like a boring job." Ari said

"It was a real boring job." Andrew said laughing


"I don't know why you acted like that you know that Andrew was her dad and not you." Janet said

"Yea I know but seeing him her and try to win your heart back it made me really mad and upset I love you and I don't want anybody to take you away from me." Josh said

"I love you to Arianna was going to ask about her real dad sooner or later apparently it was sooner but now I'm glad that she knows now because now she wouldn't be asking where he is and how he was like etc." Janet said

"Yea I know." Josh said smiling

"Now are you going to come back down stairs and not get mads." Janet said

"Yea." Josh said laughing

"Okay come on." Janet said heading to the door

"Wait Janet." Josh said

"What." Janet said turning around

Josh getting on one knee

"What are you doing?' Janet said

"You are the love of my life and I never want you to go and you makae me feel special inside every time I see you and I was really nervous to ask you this question but will you marry me?" Josh asked

Sorry if this chapter is short and the update for new chapters may be longer because I'm a new story right now and what do you think Janet is going to say

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