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May 27th


 A strange and wonderful thing happened today. I had been staring at the white wall opposite my bed, trying to think of nothing, then suddenly Sam was beside me. She tugged at the sleeve of my threadbare bathrobe and pointed to the window.

“I thought you said it was stuck.”

It was slightly ajar.

Warmth and light had trickled in through the crack between the bottom of the windowpane and the sill. Brilliant. Sam pushed the window open a bit wider, and we stuck our noses over the ledge and looked at the lawn beneath it, the endless green beyond it. There was so much more out there, Henry. More of everything, and it washed over us in waves. The tang of freshly cut grass rested on my lips, and I inhaled the smell of the mist, and the breeze pushed my hair from side to side, and I was standing next to Sam and she was smiling and I was happy.

Henry, I was happy. 


P.S. I hope this gets to you okay. Please read them in order, starting with the one dated January 12th. 

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