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Last night was the best love making that we've had in a while, well since we haven't had sex in ages since I was terrified of having symptoms of being pregnant but then it turns out its nothing. I didn't even think of that last night, none of that was on my mind neither was it on Wilmer's. It felt good being in my husbands arms in the morning and having good morning make out sessions with him.

I was already awake; for hours actually just packing my stuff and getting everything ready. I called Marissa this early apologizing for not coming to dinner with her last night and she actually planned Wilmer coming down here, I wasn't surprised. She was also going to be flying back to LA with us on our private jet which made me happy.

I felt Wilmer stir besides me so I climbed onto of his body like a sloth and clung onto him, "Having fun their?" he chuckled slightly in his morning husky voice that was music to my ears.

I swiftly brushed my lips against his moaning after, "I'm always having fun with you Valderrama" I stretched my legs and arms out rolling off of Wilmer right on my feet.

Wilmer slowly managed to sit up against the bed board and stretch out his body moaning, "I'll be changing and getting breakfast baby. Pancakes and bacon sound good?" He nodded and yawned at me so I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom. I wouldn't usually have something unhealthy for breakfast but I allowed myself to have a cheat day once in a while. I changed into my lazy day outfit and put my short hair up in a tight bun, cleansing my face and applying a coat of mascara.

The rest of our morning was us having an excellent breakfast, and making the best love making again, I've had in months. I guess it was so good since we haven't had a good sex life in a couple months. We were going on the private jet in about two hours with Marissa and land back in L.A around five o'clock so we would have time for dinner and possibly see a movie. My mind was still wondering and concerned about my period being late; its probably nothing since my medication for my bipolar sometimes messes up my menstrual cycle, but its always better to be sure. Wilmer insisted that I finish my breakfast quickly since he wanted to take me somewhere special, I had no idea what he was up to but I was indeed excited.

"Demi are you almost done?" Wilmer called from the living room as threw on a jacket.

I walked in the living room and wrapped my arms around his neck, "Yep! I'm excited since you always have the best ideas babe." I pecked a light kiss on his cheek as he stood up and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You're so damn cute you know? Just imagine how cute our little baby will be my love."

I held back my tears and swallowed the lump in my throat, "I hope everything goes right, I feel useless looking around at all my friends already having kids and were stuck here, childless!"

Wilmer looked into my eyes, "you are not useless since you possibly cannot conceive a child, understood? You are so beautiful and important my love, I will not love you any less if you cannot conceive our own child. If we have to adopt, we will adopt. I will do whatever it takes for us to get our child Demi. Now let's go to the place I'm going to take you and show you how much I love you, okay?"

I looked up at my husband and smiled broadly, "Lets do it then, my husband."

We actually walked to the place he was taking me, it was Central Park. We walked around hand in hand for fifteen minutes as some people took photos of us which I actually love. I wasn't hiding my love for my husband anymore since, well, he's my husband. We stopped walking as Wilmer grabbed my hand swiftly and walking towards a tree. At first I was confused to as why he was taking me to a tree but then I gasped when I realized it was our tree. The tree we carved out initials in with a heart surrounding it. We did it on our first official date, June 18th, 2011. We both confessed our love and feelings for one another right near this tree. It rained and we both got soaked but that's what made it so perfect and romantic. I cant express it into words how perfect it was, how I fell even more in love with him. The day that it hit me that I will be marrying this man and spend my entire life with him.

I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand slowly glancing at the tree, "Yo-I...Wilmer oh my goodness!" I leaped into his arms as he spun me around, planting kisses all over my face as I cupped his cheeks in my hands and bashed my lips onto his making me fall in love with him even more.

"I remember this day" he placed me down holding my hand in his and holding me close to his body, "I was so nervous I was puking all day because I thought you didn't have those feelings for me. The day we both confessed our love for one another. Do you know how happy and relived I was? I felt like I was on top of the world Demi."

I started tearing up with happiness and with how much I love this man, "I will never forget this day also. I was the happiest woman this day and I still am. I knew right here and them that I would be sharing the rest of my life with you."

We spent an hour actually near the tree and making out like two helpless teenagers and talked about what life has for us. I looked up at Wilmer whenever he talked, the passion and love that filled his eyes made my heart feel like its going to beat out of my chest every second. Whenever he looked down at me and stared at me when he finished talking, admiring everything about me, making me wish that us humans, never had to die and spend forever and ever with the people we purely loved. We went back to our hotel and met up with Marissa. Max drove us all to the private jet area and we got settled on the jet.

"I love you" I sat up for a second and pecked a tiny kiss on my husband cheek, "so much."

He gazed down at me and pushed a loose strand of hair behind my ear, "I don't believe that's possible but I wont fight on it with you" he whispered to me, "how about you get some sleep since its a long ride, okay my love?"

I nodded mutely and nuzzled my head in the crook of his neck and fell asleep fast yet deeply.

"Caleb Ray Lovato get your little as-butt down here this instant!" I hollered up the stairs with my blood boiling within my veins.

My four year old son slowly walked down the set of stairs; one by one and jumped down to the last stair and grinned ear to ear at me, "Whaaa mommy? Why you mad?" I took his tiny hand into my hand and led him towards his play room and pointed towards the wall that had marker and pencil colored all over it.

"Why did you do this? We just got this freaking playroom redone and you come in here and ruin it all over again?" I threw my hands up in the air frustrated at my son who had an apologetic and scared expression written all over his face.

He started to whimper, "I-I'm sowwy momma I just wanted to surprise you and dada!" Tears started freely falling from his face as he sat on the floor crossing his arms.

I sighed staring at the wall and then kneeling down to his level rubbing his shoulder, "I'm just mad baby, please don't color on any of the walls or furniture?"

I heard the front door shut and a set of footsteps come from the hallway and my husband head peeped in as his eyes widened at the wall, "W....what happened here?"

I sighed but then smiled at Caleb, "Caleb did a surprise for us, I got mad at him because we just got the walls done..." I looked up at him and continued, "Don't you think we should finish his artwork with him and then reaping the walls, as a family?"

A grin appeared on his face as he placed his things down near the door and picked up our son and twirling him around the air and then placed him down. He waltzed over to me and connected our lips together for a couple second and twirled me around, "I love you."

I smiled broadly at him, "I love you more." I stared down at my son who was holding both of our legs and smiling big at us both, our family.
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