Wedding Day

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I stood there at he bottom of the isle in a black long silk dress which shimmered with glitter. I looked at my mother who wore a white princess gown, her hair was in a Fqrench bun and she wore tall glass heels. There was a look of happiness on her face , which made me even ore angry. I turned away and saw Roy he was in a grey suit that was tight in the wrong places. His eyes meet mine and he looked at me with scorn and hostility . I would of yelled at him but Luke cought my eyes . All my anger immediately flushed away. I did not really pay attention to the rest of the ceremony.

Later than night at the reception I was sitting by myself when Luke came next to me. ," hey sis ", he said. ," um hi ",I replied. I stared into his dark blue eyes wondering what he was thinking ." So ", he said " life is going to change alot after tonight. " yeah " I replied " I have to come live in your fucking home with your fucking farther. " " I'm guessing you don't want to live with me"? He said. I looked away from him my eyes with tears. I could not imagine another home ,or family. I could not believe that my mom betrayed my dad. I turned back to Luke and gave him a tight smile blinking back the floods of tears that wanted to explode .

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