Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Previously:They saved Leon

Leon's POV

We are now all sitting in the living room together talkin.

L: So you all live here together???

I ask.

C: yup. with Pablo and Angie.

Camilla awnsers.

D: but you've gotta promise that you won't tell anyone about us being vampires and witches

He tells me.

L:I promise

Just then Violetta walks in with a glass of water.

V: here you go

And she gives it to me.


Just then it pops in my head again. the kiss. I need to talk to her and ask her what we are now.

L:Violetta can we talk.... in private???

I ask and i see that she knows about what.

V:sure, come with me

He says and begins to walk. i follow her. we walk until we get to a room with Violetta's name on it. on everyone's door stands their name. I see Andres and Violetta are the only one who don't share a room with someone. we go in the room. Wow. her room is big.... there's even a fireplace. (Villu's room is in media) well what do you expect this is a bug house.

V:so.... what do you want to talk about?

She asks and sits on the bed.

L: about what happened earlier

V: what exactly because a lot happened.

L: our kiss....

V:yeah... that we can't be together.

L: why not??? Didn't you felt the same when we kissed. i felt sparks everywhere. You kissed back so that means that you feel something for me. we belong together Villu i just know it. And about you being a vampire and ne being human. i don't care.

V:look i like you.. alot. Honestly i want to be with you too, but it's dangerous.

L: what do you mean.

V: when we are together you'll be in danger because of me. if other vampires, witches, werewolfs find out that i'm dating a human then they will come after you. They will use you as my weak spot. i can't put you through that all. that's why i said no the other day. And what i said to Klaus about me not loving you that was just a lie to get you out of there. i care about you and i don't want to ruin your life.

She said and looked down. i could see some tears falling from her eyes. she does care about me. i sat down beside her and i put my hands on her cheek and looked her in the eyes. she pushes my hand from her cheek and stood up she was about to walk away but i grabbed her by the waist and turned her around. I pressed my lips against hers. and i felt the sparks again. i pulled away and looked in her eyes.

L: I don't care. I don't care if my life is in danger. i would die for you Violetta. i love you and i want to be with you.

She does the last thing i expected she would do. she presses her lips to mine. she puts her hands around my neck and our lips move in sync. We fall into the bed and spent a night with passion and love......

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