chapter. 1

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Gena's pov

"Hey sierra" I said walking into her room I come over everyday.

Hey she said while packing her last box there were so many memories in this house I broke my left arm we broke a glass table (on accident) in the  back yard when angel lived up stairs and we would just hang out. But now all those memories will be gone.

The next day I woke up felt like crap like my other half was missing and I knew y. Sierra was gone now I have Chris camoren and alexia along with shannon.

I got dressed in some shorts and a tank threw my hair up and started my day what was I to do  

I decided to see if Alexia was home and want to hang out.I walked to her house on a daily so it was what ever omw there u saw chris me and cgris met in kindergarten he was in 1 grade but he was my boy....friend not boyfriend he was a guy/friend I asked him if lexi was home it turned out she was in surgery for god knows what so we just hung out with Cameron it was weird being the only girl no ine liked shannon so w  didnt go there we just played basketball intill it got dark I said my good byes and walked home .

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