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I come inside and sat down for breakfast.

"Good Morning Nirvanah I wasn't expecting you to be up this early."

"Yeah I got up and fed the chickens and collected the eggs." I say, handing her a straw basket, with about 15 or so eggs.

"Oh thank you. You know I'm not giving you kids chores but if you want to do that every morning go for it."

She says as I sit down and look infront at my breakfast, which was a piece of toast. I eat it, before going up to my room.

A while on auntie yells to us to come down stairs. I head down stairs where my auntie was waiting for me, Michael and Jake.

"Jake me and dad are going out to the market so your encharged" She says. "Don't do anything you're not supposed to. Got it?"

"Yes mum."

"Alright. Goodbye and ring me if you have any problems." "Bye Auntie." I say as she closes the door behind her.

I look over at Michael who was on his phone. Oh god he looked just perfect. I look down as he looks over, instantly I feel more insecure.I decide to head up to my room and listen to music quietly.

After a while I hear the two of them head up the stairs and into Jakes room. I turn my music down just a bit but I didn't here anything. So I turn my music back up. Then Jake walks into the room.

"Hey wanna come hang out outside with us?"

"Alright." I say, turning my music off and going outside. I follow Jake and Michael down the stairs.

"So what exactly are we doing?"

"Good question." Michael adds.

"Well we could go back inside and play 21 questions because Nirvanah doesn't really know us and we don't reply know her so..." Jake suggests.

"Ok that sounds cool." I say.

"Okay you ask one of a question first." Jake says.

"Michael. What type of music do you listen to?" I ask him.

"Green day, all time low, blink 182, sum 41, Metallica, iron maiden, U?"

"My chemical romance, green day, nirvana, Metallica, iron maiden, all time low, pierce the veil, black veil brides and Ozzy Osbourne."

"Nice. I guess we have similar tastes." He says.

After we finished and my auntie and Uncle got home, the three of us decided to go outside to their hideout, which was at the top of the hill at the end of the cow paddock.

"This is cool." I say as we get to a thing with a wooden floor type thing and a roof.

There were a few old cassettes and a cassette player. A few beanbags and blankets.

"I guess you spend most of your time up here Jake?" "Yeah." "Do you have anymore tapes?" I say, picking up a familiar Never mind tape.

The same one my mum had. Memories flowing back almost instantly.

"yeah in my room."

"Can we have a look when we go back?"

"Yeah after lunch maybe. Do you guys like Black Sabbath?" He says, picking up the tape and putting it in the player.

I loved black sabbath.

"Yeah only the stuff when Ozzy was in it."

"Cool what about you Michael? You like them aye?"


we sit down on the floor and listen to the music.

"Its a nice view from here" I say

"yeah there is isn't there."

"So what's it like in New Zealand Nirvanah?"

"Pretty cold compared to here. And windy because we live in Wellington."

"Oh ok." I catch Michael staring at me. Oh god he's probably judging me again.

"So uh.. What are we doing tomorrow?"

"Well you too are staying here and I'm going on a date to my girlfriends place." Jake tells me.

I thought he was hanging out with Michael.

"What you didn't tell me that!" Michael says, looking up from his phone.

"Oh well. We better go back for lunch I guess. Its 1:30"

jake says and we get up, jake turns off the tape player and we follow him back to the house.

I though Jake was hanging out with Michael all summer?

I thought.

Is he going home? I hope not.

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