Chapter 15 ask dad

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I walk in to dad's office. "Hi dad I have a question" I ask. "What honey" he says. "Do hedgehogs grow up fast?" I say. He nods. "Well, you see. When a hedgehog goes to sleep everyday with the lights off. It grows and gets taller. And when the skin stretches then you look older." Tails says. I nod. "Thanks let me tell that to Saturn." I say. "Okay go have fun!" He says. I walk out slowly because of my crutches. "Poor kid" tails says to himself" and he gets back to work. I explain everything to Saturn. "Wow know wonder sonic looks so big!" He says. "Now that I think about it. I wonder why foxes have the same grow up plan as Humans." I say. "What are those?" Saturn asks. "a thing with weird things coming out of his hands." "Okay" he says all weirded out. "Yeah that was my relation too when mom explained what humans are." I say. I hear a big sound. Almost like were under attack again ugh I hate that. And I turns out we were under attack! Dad was calling all the future freedom fighters to come help. They came in almost have a second. "What's going on?" Saturn says. "Don't worry. The freedom fighter can handle it." I say. "And I'm one of them. Dad! Can I help?!" I say. "Will you be alright?" "Yeah I'll be fine!" I say. "Okay be safe!" He says. I nod. I drop my crutches and fly with my tails.

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