Chap 1

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Gabriella's POV:

My feet hit the cold floor and it sends a shiver through out my body. I shuffle towards my bathroom and look at my reflection in the mirror. My straight black hair is flat against my back. I sigh and hopped into the shower.


"Coming!" I yelled back.

I put my hair in a side fish tail braid, I wear my usual jeans and a shirt. (Pap of clothing on the side)

I skip downstairs to be greeted by my family. My mom Luna Clara and my dad Alpha Chase. Yes I'm the alpha and Luna's daughter and my brother is the future alpha of the Blue Stone Pack.

"How are you feeling honey?" My mom asked.

"I'm feeling good but I do have to get going Damon keeps on texting me to hurry up." I hurry towards the door but my dad stopped me before I walk out.

"He's in the car waiting but El you forgot to have breakfast." My dad hands me a apple and gives me his flashy grin.

I smile back and run towards the car. You could say I'm daddy's little girl.

"Took you long enough" my brother stated. I just laughed "hurry up old man."

"Hey I'm only a year older then you!" He said while taking off.

1 period

I walked into homeroom with a sweet smell in the air. It smells like the ocean after a storm. The smell fades away once the last bell was rung.


I go sit down at my usual table that has all my friends there.
Kali who is my BFF!
Jay who is going to be my brothers beta since his dad is the current beta.
Jays mate Lilly who I known for years now.
And then Carlos who is pretty cool.

We have all been best friends for years and were all really close. I don't know what I would- I was cut off with that sweet smell I sensed earlier. I looked around trying to see who is it. When my eyes locked with the most handsome man in the world.

He had deep green eyes and natural tan skin and black hair. He had a sharp jaw line with perfect check bones. He has a muscular body, he seems about 6'4 and still growing.

He looked over towards me and I recognize who he was. He is the future alpha of the Midnight Moon pack. Alpha Caden.

Our eyes locked and my wolf Sierra spoke. 'Mate'

"Earth to Ella!" I think Lilly waved her hand in front of my face pulling my eyes away from my mate.

"Kali was trying to explain something to you!" Lilly laughed.
"You were to busy staring at someone. Who is he? Is he your mate?" Lilly smirked.

"Oh my gosh no! I was just thinking!" I laughed. The whole table rumbles with laughter. The last bell rang telling us that lunch was over. I grabbed my bag and walked to my locker.

I was putting my books in there when all of sudden everyone was out of halls and it was just me. Until I was slammed up agasint my locker.

'Mate' Sierra purred.

It was Alpha Caden who had me pinned.

"Mate." He muttered in my shoulder. He looked up and into my eyes. I was just about to speak when he started talking.

"I, Caden future Alpha of Midnight Moon Pack reject, Gabriella daughter of the Alpha of Blue stone pack as my mate and, future Luna of the Midnight Moon pack." He rejected me. My mate. Rejection. My wolf was howling inside wanting to be let out but all I did was nod.

"I, Gabriella daughter of the Alpha of the Blue Stone Pack accepts your rejection." I finished. I pull out of his grasp and walk out of the school and onto the streets.

Once I reached the woods I got undressed and put all my clothes into my backpack and shifted into my rare white wolf. I was big since I was the Alphas daughter. But I wasn't really strong but I was fast.

I let out a howl of pain and grabbed back pack with my snout and darted off towards my house.

And that was just the beginning.


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