Chapter 3. The Confession

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Thinking about Saturday, I know I said forget about it but it was so sudden, made me realise I could have a chance to be genuinely happy and to have someone I will cherish forever. Monday, Hollie didn't turn up for school. Could it be that she's embarrassed about what happened or is she ill? Sunday, she hasn't been to school all week or responded to any of my texts, I should go and see if she's okay. I get to her house and ring the doorbell. Her little brother answers and I ask him "Hi. Is your sister in?", he nods his head and tells me to come in. He says "Do you want to see my sister?", I tell him yes. I saw a drum kit and it was perfect for a comical but great entrance. I sit down and play Slipknot "Snuff". Hollie comes down with a look of gratitude that I came to her house. "Where have you been all week?" I question her. She tells me "I don't have any friends to be with.". I reply "You always have me and my friends." she grins and says "Want to play a song together?". I play the drum intro of "The Legacy" by Black Veil Brides. She grabs her guitar and starts playing. I hear the sweetest thing ever. She's singing, it's that soothing I messed up on the drums. I closed my eyes and savoured the sound she produced. Then she plays the intro of "Left Behind" by Slipknot to wake me up. She giggled like a school girl again. "I'm blushing again, I presume?". Hollie nods her head. I couldn't hold back anymore. I gave into temptation, "Hollie, can I ask you something?", she replies "Of course you can." with the most elegant smile in the world. I spit it out, eventually... "I've liked you, alot, for a long time now. I was wondering, will you go out with me?". Her face goes from silky brown to red. She says "I'm sorry. I don't like you that way... Plus, we have only known each other for a few weeks. I don't want to ruin our friendship.". Just like every other girl, she rejected me. "However, give it some time and we'll see if my answer changes.". Feeling heartbroken, I leave with a sad goodbye.

(Hollie's thought's after I left)

I want to say yes to James but it's too quick and I'm not sure if it will work between us. I mean, he is sweet but we might not be a perfect match. I have to think about this quite deeply.

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