2. A little box

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Today was the day, the day on which my father, Alfred and I would set sail for.... for... where were we going? Did I honestly forget? It certainly isn't a English or French port city, it sounded Spanish, I asked my father what the city was called, but he ushered me away, to pack some more dresses, not that I had many anyway.

I once again found myself alone in my room, awaiting my father's voice, only it never came, I decided to go into our home's living area, only to find my father dead on the ground, the sword he forged sticking out of his chest, my older brother Alfred lay beaten in a corner, I rushed over to him, hoping that he was not harmed as bad as I thought he was. I asked him multiple times what had happened, he just looked too shocked at the sight of our dead father's body, minutes later my mother and Nicholas came back from their trip to the market, great.... My mother stopped dead in her tracks, and then sank to her knees, a single tear rolling down her cheek, she looked at me, I looked at her, and walked over to her, hugging her, but she didn't hug back.

A few hours passed before my mother said something, "Do you know the rest of your family's history?" she asked me, I looked dumbfounded at her, my face answering her question. My mother stood up from her spot, walking over to her closet, she took out a little box, and gave it to me, it was made out of wood, and had beautiful details on it, she handed it to me, and asked me to open it, so I did, inside were letters, addressed to my mother.

"Your father... is a pirate." it came as a shock, before I could ask anything she cut me off "This is not your real father, Doloris, your real father is a pirate, I was young and stupid, I fell in love with a pirate, joined his crew and ended up pregnant, we argued over it, and eventually I decided to leave him, and I became homeless, then I met Fredrik, he gave me a home, he already had a son, Alfred, after a while you were born, and eventually Nicholas... During the lovely years we spent together, your father... the pirate... kept sending me letters, about how he wanted to see you, hold you in his arms and take you out to sea, I never wrote him back, ever... And I bet that he is the one behind Fredrik's death!"

I was amazed at my mothers story, I opened one of the letters, and indeed, like my mother said, the man who she said was my real father wanted to hold me and teach me how to sword-fight, I was utterly dumbfounded at the amount of letters that were in the box, and read some, skimming over the contents.

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