Chapter 8

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I woke up, and went down stairs and poured some lucky charms in a bowl and put some mlik in it also and ate it. After I was done, I went back up stairs grabbed my under garments and went to take a shower. After my shower, I put on a  blue baggy sweater with some black leggings  and my black converses. When I was done getting dressed I put my hair in a messy bun and went back to the bathroom to do my mackup. For my mackup I put mascera and eyeliner, then used naked two for a smokey eye. I then grabbed my blue pennyboard and headed outside. Just a little fact I have four pennyborads that are, light blue, a dark blue, a black one, and a white one. So I got outside and started riding around and decided to go to Huntington Beach and see how it is, I honestly I think the last time I was here, is when I was 11, I always loved it here, there's always people here to meet, shops to got to and the water Is warm. Once I got to Huntington beach, I decided to vlog.

-•°• Video talking•°•-

What's up guys Bella here, and sorry for the lack of vlogs and videos, as y'all know I was on tour and I had a lot going on, so yah, but right know I am at Huntington Beach, and it is beautiful and windy, I am kinda glad I wore a sweater,

-•°•2 minutes later in the video•°•-

"Hey look what i found," I say pointong the camera in front of me.

"Say hi!!!!"I said to a group of fans said and they said say really loudly,

"Well guys this is my vlog for today, if you liked it be sure to leave a like and a comment because it really help, well I got to go, I will be hanging with these guys until I go home!!!"I say

"Say bye guys!!!" I tell them  and say it loudly again and I laugh and tire the camera back facing me again,

"bye"I say and smile.

I put my camera string on my wrist and I take pictures with the fans, they all had to leave, which made me sad, but it was also time for me to leave, but first sence it was sun setting I took a picture of it for Instagram and put the caption as,

'Hopefully, soon, I'll be watching the sunset with my one and only.'

And with that I started writing my pennyboard back home. When I finally got back home, I took a shower, changed into a tanktop and some sweatpants, I looked at my wrists and saw the marks, that made me remember Jc, I started crying and mumbled      "I thought that he cared, but i guess not"

I then started to think, maybe he never cared maybe, he was pretending to care, what of he never talks to me again. I kept thinking about Jc,I couldn't stop, he was the only person that made me happy and happier. While I was thinking, I got a call from Andrea!!! Wow I'm so glad someone remembered me.

(A=Andrea B=bella)

A- hey Bella how've you've been?!?!

B- good I guess, I be done nothing honestly.

A-oh, hey me Jenn, Alexa, and Rebecca are filming a video tomorrow and we were wondering if you wanted to be in it?!?!?!

B- oh my god, yes I would love to!!!

A- yay, Ok give me you address and I'll be picking you up at 6pm, and we'll be at the o2l house

B- oh....Ok

A-k bye!!!!


And with that, my high was brightened up by that, bit then sad because the o2l house Jc lives there, but you know what who cares, he doesn't care for me, he has that girl lia, and I am busy with my YouTube career and I don't need time for drama!!!!!

Well, I brushed my teeth and went to bed, hoping that tomorrow will go great and I won't be able to talk to Jc, anyways he will probably be out with 'lia' and I won't beable to talk to them!!! Well yah!!!

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