Chapter 4, Invade

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I climbed out of bed. "Why?" I asked, "Why did this have to happen to me?" I went to the kitchen. Mrs. Joy was making breakfast. "You're awake early," she said, "It's 6:00." I sat down at the table. Mrs. Joy put a bowl of cereal in front of me. I immediately started to eat. "Andrew said he will stay here with you," Mrs. Joy said, "If you need me, Andrew will call me." She picked up her bags. "Are you okay?" she asked. I nodded, still eating. It was so good. I totally forgot about my dream.

A few minutes later, Andrew came down from the attic. "Good morning," he said, yawning, "Do you want to watch the news?" Andrew walked over to the couch and sat down. He turned on the TV. I sat next to him. "Breaking news!" cried the reporter, "We have found a human's body in the remains of the other planet. Scientists have studied the body. Here's Oliver Jack, one of the scientists who studied the body." The scientist from the museum walked up. "Yes, the body was a really cool discovery. Two important things were discovered. One, the people were mostly just like us. Two, these people have an orb in their body, which gives them special magical powers. We hope we can maybe find a survivor of the crash," said the scientist. I froze in my seat. Andrew looked at me.

We looked at each other for a moment. "Can I see the orb?" he asked. "It's inside my body. It is only visible when I die," I told him. "I won't let those people hurt you," he said. Just then, someone knocked on the door. "Excuse me, do you know anything about the girl in the picture? Someone said you are taking care of a girl who looked just like her," said the scientist's voice. Andrew crawled and lifted up the carpet to reveal a trap door. "Go in there and do not make a sound," he whispered. I got in and he closed it. I sat down and held my breath. I heard Andrew turn off the TV and not make a sound. I heard someone trying to open the door.

I was frozen. I heard the door fall over. I heard a lot of men walk in. I heard Andrew scream. "Where's the girl?" asked a man. "I'll never tell you!" Andrew growled. I heard a gun shoot and Andrew scream. "Get out of my house!" screamed Mrs. Joy's voice. "Ma'am, we need to ask you some-" began the scientist. "Get out!" Mrs. Joy yelled. "I'll just take your son then," said the scientist. Then, I heard him yell. "Let him free," said the scientist. They left. Andrew opened the trap door and helped me out. Mrs. Joy wrapped bandages around Andrew's arm. "What happened?" I asked. They told me the story. Andrew was shot in the arm and Mrs. Joy kicked the scientist and men tore the house apart.

Mrs. Joy sat with us at the table. "They tried to bother me at work, but I was doing a surgery," Mrs. Joy said. I looked down. "Callie, they won't get you. As long as you act normal and hide when they come around," Mrs. Joy said. I just started to cry. I couldn't help it. I told them about my dream. Andrew and Mrs. Joy tried to calm me down, but I wouldn't calm down.

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