Stuck in Detention

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Luke and I had to stay afterschool in Ms.Lupitz's class serving detention. She didn't allow us to speak. We could read a book or do homework, nothing else. Luke sat across from me. We were the only students in the room, not many people get a detention on the first or second day of school. Lupitz left to go to the bathroom and gave us strict instructions that if we tried to leave, we'd get a referral. When her footsteps faded away down the hall I spoke, "What about the detention from the coach?" "He let me off with a warning. Turns out there was a couple skipping class to go make out and he asked me if that's what caught my attention. I lied and said I was trying to turn them in so Coach said I did a 'good deed'." So he's a good boy. Makes sense. I was about to say something but then the door opened. Through that door walked in a tall, dark haired, almost emo-looking boy. Michael Clifford. "Sorry I'm late, oh well hello there." Michael sat down in the back of the room. "You kids having fun in here?" Michael wanted to get back together all since we broke up. Now he tries to talk to me whenever he sees my face. We broke up for a reason and one reason only; he only wanted sex. I thought he loved me for who I am, and he did. But once we did it, that's all he wanted. There was nothing in the room now but awkward silence. Ms.Lupitz was taking a while in the bathroom and I wish she could come back now. Then I heard a slight moan from the back of the room. Michael was trying to imitate me from over a year ago. I turned around to see his smirk, "Will you please shut the fu-" the door opened. Ms.Lupitz walked in, "I hope you two were sticking to the rules. Clifford, you've actually shown up." She must have gave him a detention too. "Sorry I'm late Miss, kinda forgot I had detention this afternoon." Damn Michael, trying to act all nice and innocent. I don't understand how this teacher could buy any of it.

We were dismissed fifty minutes later. I don't have a car nor any ride home so I decided to walk. Luke called his brother to pick him up because he didn't want his mom to find out about detention. Michael was a dumbass and tried to walk me home. "Don't you need protection? Someone could kidnap you," He managed to catch up with me "Hey you know I'm only trying to help."

I doubted it. I made a sarcastic, small laugh, "Wow, you're funny." I picked up the pace but he did too. "Oh come on, I was only joking back there. You can't ignore me like this."

"Oh, really? Because I think I did a good job ignoring you for a year and a half. What you did back there was wrong."

"A year and three months," he corrected "you like that kid?"

"He's better then you."

"Can he give you as much pleasure as I did? Do you think he can make you scream his name? How well he can do inside your pretty little-"

"MICHAEL!" I scolded, "Damn it, would you stop it already? Just shut up. He's not even my friend, so stop being so jealous that I prefer to talk to Luke more than you."

Michael's face looked hurt. Like a kid who got a puppy and had to see it get ran over. "I'm sorry, I-"

"Don't want to hear it." I continued to walk down the sidewalk, leaving Michael behind.

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