20: Across Campus (The End)

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So, yep...last chapter...hope you enjoy :)

I've actually thought of an idea for another book, lol, but we shall see! Hope you enjoy and thank you all so much for sticking with me throughout three books! It means so much and I never thought these books would be as successful as they are. Right now, we are #205 in humour, and that's so flipping cool. You are all awesome and you all rule and I can never thank you all enough!

It's right now just hit me that this is the end and I'm legitimately trying not to cry, oh my god. Didn't realise this would be as emotional as it is, but it is. 

<3 <3 <3

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6 months later

“This morning I would like to Welcome Harley Greene, author of The Shadows. Published only a week ago, it has already made its way on to best seller list, and has sold thousands. Fans are already calling for more from this first time author, so it’s my pleasure to welcome her – Harley Greene!”

I step out onto the stage, smiling as people clap loudly, a few people hooting in the crowd. My heart beats a thousand miles a minute and I focus on not falling over as I make my way to the chair that sits opposite day time host Holly Jones.

“Nice to meet you,” I grin, shaking her hand, “thanks for having me!”

She gives a large grin. “Thanks for coming here. Please, take a seat.”

I sit down, and she does to, and she immediately breaks into asking questions. Taking a deep breath, I spot Chase to the side of the stage giving me a thumbs up. My nerves suddenly disappear, and I give her a smile before answering her.

“The idea for this book didn’t come to me at once. It wasn’t like an ah-ha moment, where a light bulb goes off on the top of your head,” I tell her, “I was going through a difficult time. My life was surrounded by mystery, fear, and the only way I felt like I could deal with that was to write about. So at the end of each day, or each week, I’d sit down at my computer, and I’d begin to write. Soon enough, the idea of The Shadows formed – about a girl, being haunted by what seems to be a shadow, which leads into a murder/mystery story.”

“That’s brilliant,” she smiled, “we often have new writers come on here and say their stories formed from their life experiences. So Harley, how did it get discovered?” she looks down at a sheet of paper. “Oh, wow, it was only six months ago you got this deal? That’s pretty quick.”

I laugh. “Yeah, I think I have whiplash from how fast it went.” I grin. “I am actually studying Creative Writing at college, so I brought it in to show my teacher – I’d been struggling for ages to hand in something, and here it was – and he was the one who actually entered it into a competition for me. Soon enough, I got a lot of attention and then someone approached me about getting it published, and that was that. The rest is kind of like a dream.”

She smiles. “That’s wonderful, I bet it was strange for you.”

“Yeah, it was. One minute I’m just sitting at my laptop, writing something I think will never see the light of day, and the next I’m on day time tv, with a book on the best sellers list. It feels so surreal.”

“What do you friends and family think? I was talking to Chase and you briefly before the show started, and he seemed very supportive.”

I nod, looking at Chase. “He’s my biggest supporter,” I tell her honestly, “I swear sometimes he’s happier and excited about this book then I am, and he doesn’t even read.”

Holly laughs, and I laugh along with her. “Well thank you for coming today, Harley, I wish you all the best.”

“Thanks for having me.”

“Go and check out the best-selling novel by eighteen year old author Harley Greene called The Shadows. You don’t want to be missing out. Now, after the break…”


“I’m so proud of you,” Chase grins as me, as soon as I step off of the stage, “that was great.”

I smile back at him wrapping my arms around his waist. “You think so? I didn’t ramble, did I?”

He kisses me on the forehead, crows eyes forming at the side of his eyes from the large grin that takes over his face. “It was brilliant. Well done.”

Leaning against him, I smile up at him. “This still doesn’t feel real, I feel like any minute I’m going to wake up and find that you and Asher accidentally knocked me out, and this was all just a dream.”

Chase chuckles. “I assure you, it’s real. I can pinch you to try and prove it, if you want?”

I squeal as his fingers came towards my arm, and push him away. “No! Don’t you dare!” he grabs me round the waist, spinning me around, before planting me back on the ground. Flicking my nose, he laughs and runs away.

“Come on!” he shouts back, causing the people to work in the studio to glare at him and tell him to shut him, “we have a dinner to get to.”


Chase and I lay in bed, both holding out stomachs. “I ate too much,” I groan, “I think I might be sick.”

Chase groans next to me. “Me too,” he says, “but come on, that was a good buffet. Did you eat any of those pink cakes?”

I groan again at the thought of those cute little pink cakes. They were so small, that eating one wasn’t satisfying enough – you had to at least eat a couple to get a real good taste of it. Then after that, they began too good to resist. “I think I ate about fifty. Didn’t you see me drag a chair over and sit next to them?”

He chuckles, “no, because I dragged my chair over to the other table where the mini pizzas were.”

I laugh at him, stopping when it makes me feel sick. “Don’t make me laugh, it makes the pain worse!” hitting him on the shoulder, I roll over and press my body into his, laying my head into the crook of his neck. He kisses the top of my head, and begins tracing patters on my bare shoulder.

“Sorry,” he apologises. Suddenly, he begins to chuckle to himself, and I raise my eyebrow at him questioningly. “I was just thinking about how we both dragged chairs over next to the buffet tables. It’s something we would do, shows how we are good for each other, huh?”

“Sure does.” I grin at him, and tilt my face up for a kiss. He presses his lips to mine, an rolls over so he’s on top of me.

“I love you, Harley,” he tells me, “and I’m so proud of what you’ve achieved.”

“I love you too,” I whisper back, pushing his black hair away from his eyes. “I love you more than anything, Chase.”

Pressing his lips back to mine, I kiss him deeply, passionately. “Promise me something?” I whisper to him. “Promise me that whatever happens to us, we’ll always be there for each other?”

Chase smiles. “I promise,” a mischievous twinkle comes into his eyes, “I also promise that you won’t be able to get rid of me easily. You’re stuck with me for life.”

“Good,” I grin, “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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