hmmm...abt me!:)

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Dedication to rittora

Well their not much about me tbh, but here goes....hope u guys like it:)


I like to use my free time to just chill,read and be lazy hahaha.

Before I forget! I also like to hangout with my mates and family! Their important no matter wat!!!:)


I like to snapchat most of the time  and sometimes instagram, but that's only if I can check out posts!:) add me...Hannah_m17xx


I like the colour red and black!

Because I feel like... the colour red simbolises love and blood! Cause I love vampires haha lol! Black, beacause it shows the dark side of me in which no-one knows about!;) its only my personal secrets haha



Im in college! Taking childcare, cause I wanna be a nucery teacher or day care assistant:) I like working with kids cause their awesome and sooo much fun to play with!!!!!:D


I like nutella! Omg the chocolatey substance! YUUMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!


Im a Muslim! If u dint know u do haha:)


Hm...I have book called 'can I have a taxi please?' workin slow cause of exams and assignments :( lots of stress!!! :'(


If u know me really well...u should know that I only dress for myself:) cause I believe u shouldn't dress to impress, u should dress for urself

:* haha


wow this is actually hard to write...thats a clue to let u all know abt me...I dont exactly have good grades in English, cause I have a brain which has been developin slowly. So at the moment I have a brain of a 15yrs old girl. Lol


I like to read books that interest me, which mainly end up in my reading list!:) check it out, trust me their awesome books!:)


I have three sisters and two bros! I would of had 4sisters, but one passed aways wen she was

a baby:'( but yh she will always remain in all of our hearts :)


Makeup! I always wear minimum as I believe natural beauty is the best:) sooo if u think u need alot of makeup to make urself look better! Then ur absolutely an idiot cause no matter wat ur beautiful inside and out:)



Im from England:) yh im British, proud cause I love where I live and love everyone around me! Especially I love my home lol:/ cause its a place where I can be myself lol;) haha duuuhhhh!


I like to talk to my wonderful friends on wattpad! Their all like my friends and almost like my sisters that I can trust and knw that they wont leave me and they will forever have my back just like I will have theirs:) :*


I love 5secound of summer! I just love their songs! Eeeeeppppps!!! To die for, but im also falling in love with...Becky G! Shes like an amazing singer!:) Check her out if u still havent!:)


Im always late on everthing like...I find out songs that cme out three Years ago now! :) lol if u dont believe me ask me a question and I wilk probs mostlikey get

it wrong:D


Im 17 if most of u dont know that!:)

My birthday is 17/12/1997!:) lol

Last years December on the 17th I turned 17! Awesome haha :)


I hate pizza!!!! Most of u probs hate me, but yh accept me if u want as I am lol:)

I hate pizza everything about it ewwwww! I litrally will only eat the crust! Thats only if im hungry and theirs not much I like about takeout so yh:)


I love burgers!:) give me any only if its halal :) I will scarf down more than two burgers I just love them!!!:) haha I want burger now....mmhhmmm yummhhhhmmm sorry about that...all I was saying is that burger was Yummmmyyyy!:D


If u havent noticed yet! But im a crazy person!:D I like to have an open mind and talk freely! I love giving my opinions ,especially wen people need advice, cause it helps me in a way cause I have a past and by helping people is one way makes me happy! I like helping people and giving things to everyone!:) which is obviously giving them my happiness and awesomeness dm;D

Anyways thats my 20things about me!:) if u want to ask question just comment and if u think its a personal question just pm me!:) if like them please press like!

Love u all my baby's, sisters an bff!:)

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