Anger & Hate

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Anger,hate they consumes your whole mind before you Evan know it your life is behind,bars you been corrupted,consumed you been tricked into thinking that everyone hates you so you hate them back saying that they don't know you so in your head your thinking that it's true but really the truth is you have no clue cause when hate is your friend, anger gets to you and being happy starts to lose, the war on happy or sad,depression is a close winner but even closer is being mad,going mad!!cause that anger in your chest is so bad and in your head it's just sad hate will stop you from being a man cause it can and even if your a woman it still has a hand in all you plans and it demands to understand, to reckoned with a force of power hate is king the prince is anger and I know i can sound like a bad energy to be around but trust me it hounds and hounds at me to let it out but i shout NO!!!!!  I'm gonna try to be free from anger and hate,as hard as it may be but no i hate anger and I'm angry at hate but i do not choose to temped fate cause fate controls anger and anger controls hate but I'm sick of it I'm done I'm finished with this debate

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