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It was 6:21 when I woke up. There were faint cries coming from the next room over. But it didn't sound like a kid, it sounded like Zach.

I got up and walked to his door. I knocked on it then just walked in. It was pitch black, but the cries were still there.

"Zach." I said quietly.

I turned on the light and he was sitting up in his bed with his head on his knees, crying.

"Zach, what's wrong?" I said again quietly.

"I miss you kenzie." He said.

I stood there, shocked at what he just said. My eyes were wide.

"I never wanted ivy kenzie. What I did was a mistake. I couldn't see the most beautiful girlfriend I already had. I fucked up. Again. I'm so sorry. I can only imagine what I put you through. I'm in love with my daughter, but I wish I would've made the choice to not cheat on you. I'm so sorry." He said sobbing. Tears came to my eyes. I hate seeing him like this.

"Zach it's okay. We all make mistakes." I said almost at a whisper. I couldn't talk, there was a lump in my throat.

"We don't make the same mistake 4 times in a row!" He said pretty loudly.


"No. Admit it kenzie. Nobody makes the same mistake four times in a row! What's gotten into me? I hate hurting you. But in the end that's always how it will be. I hate myself." He said. The last part was quieter than a whisper, probably so I couldn't hear it. But I did.

I didn't say anything, I just sat next to him on the bed, and grabbed his hand. I intertwined our fingers together. It was like two puzzle pieces that were meant to be together.

"Don't hate yourself. Because I love you. I love everything about you. Your personality, your jokes, the way you look at me, your eyes, everything. I love how I can be myself around you and not have a care in the world. I love being with you." I said.

We both started to lean in. Soon, our lips collided and they moved in sync together. This is the feeling I've longed to feel again. Finally, I'm with the one I've always loved.

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