Short story 3

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It's nearing five years, five years I've been stuck here, they'll let me out in a few days.
For years everyday at exactly 2'o clock they would take me to that box and for five hours I would just sit there, pondering over the day, thinking about the future. When I first got here I hated it with every living member of my being but slowly I fell in love. All the people, all the rooms, everything. I would sit with my thoughts, thinking about everything from mystical creatures to why scientists came up with theories. In that little room I was peaceful. Everyone had their personalities, all slightly different but we all had something in common. Our sanity, or maybe it was our insanity. As they say you are only as sane as the person you're with.
Who knew a mental asylum could be so beautifully sane in a world full of insane.

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