chapter 7

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So my baby boy left yesterday . and me and cyn are already missing him like crazy. I still can't believe how cyn went off on Tasha . she's a real ROD chick . I need cyn in me and kings lives we love her so much and she's changed me in such a short period of time I can't imagine life with out her . so with that being said I think I wanna marry her and ask her to move in officially . Her birthdays coming up so that's the perfect time . since I'm the first one up I'll make her breakfast in bed .I got up and did me hygiene and then went to make her breakfast . so as I'm cooking there's a knock at the door . I ask " who is it " but no answer . so I ask again and still no answer . so I open the door and no ones there . they left a rose and a note that read " I told you this wasn't over Erica , I will get you back and make you mines if its the last thing I do XOXO Tasha . " what the hell ? " I say to myself. I throw the rose away and the note  and I make my way upstairs to cyn with her breakfast but she's still asleep so I put the breakfast platter on the dresser and straddled her back since she was laying on her stomach.

M: cyn , babe wake up * shaking her *

C: * snoring *

M : babyy , *bouncing on her*

C: * snoring louder *

Damn she really is a deep sleeper. Let me turn her over on her back . so I turn her over and damn she's beautiful when she's asleep , let me try one more time.

M: baby wake up ! * humping her *

C: * moaning *

M: man , Cynthia wake up ! The house is on fire !

C: * jumps up * what where's king , wheres Erica , where's cyn !!!

M:* laughing *

C: omg really Erica * trying to push Erica away *

M: I'm sorry babe

C: no your not . you woke me up for no reason.

M: actually there is a reason.

C: and that reason is ?

M: well can I get my kiss first ?

C: can I get my reason first ?

M: come on babe . please , give me a kiss cyn Santana * whispering in her ear *

C: Erica stop .* whining * come on tell me .

E: give me my kiss then .

C: okay . damn . * kissing Erica *

M:* kissing back * thank you . now , I woke you up because I made you breakfast in bed . now you better get it before it gets cold .

C: you ain't gotta tell me twice . *pushing Erica off her *

M:* hitting the floor * damn babe .

C: what ?

M: you sent me flying when you pushed me . and I got a boo boo * talking like a baby *

C: awe mommy sowwy . where is it ?

M: right here .( pointing to it )

C: you want mommy to kiss it and make it feel better ?

M: yes mommy please .( puppy dog eyes )

C: ok * kissing it * it feel better ?

M: yes but I have another boo boo . mommy kiss it ? * pointing to her arm *

C: yes mommy kiss it . * kissing it * now is there anymore ?

M: one more * pointing to her lips *

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