Rumor Has It

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A few crisp brown leaves crunch under my feet as I walk to Mkenna's house. I haven't seen her much this Summer, she was on vacation in Florida. I take a left turn, and enter her yard. She lives in an average house. A small brown cat hisses at me as I walk up the stairs, to the porch.

It's Mkenna's cat, Lilly. I've never really liked that cat, which is fine because she shares the same feelings with me as well. I step up to front of the door, and knock. Mkenna immediately pulls the door open, and greets me with a hug. "Willow!!" She shouts. I hug back. After a few seconds, we let go of each other and smile. I step inside of her house, the cold breeze of an air conditioner blowing in my face. She shuts the door behind me.

She then grabs my hand and pulls me into the hallway, and inside her room. She shuts the door tight, and locks it. "Mkenna, what the he-" I try talking, but she cuts me off. "Shh! This is top secret!!" She sits on her bed, and I plop down next to her. "What is it..?" I tilt my head, confused. "Have you not heard?!" She exclaims. "Heard what?" I answer, still very perplexed. "The rumors. About the missing police. Y'know, the house across the street from yours? The cops disappeared while doing an investigation on it." She seems excited. I know she loves mysterious things. "And it probably is just a rumor. Something someone made up. To get attention." As I tell her this, her face goes pale. "Right... But, it's no harm in being curious. I know you're smart and all, but can you just let me have this?" She frowns. I hate seeing her sad. "Of course. But don't get too crazy. If the rumors are true, entering that house would be a death sentence." I say, and shiver out of fear. "I know, I know. Anyone would be crazy to go in there.... Anyways, to look on the bright side of things, how was your Summer?"

As she asks, I stare at the ground. I look up, to answer. "It was pretty good. Kinda boring with out you though. I mostly just hung out with Darien, Serena, and Justin. We went to the beach and pranked people. It was pretty funny until we got caught, and got kicked out for the rest of the day. So we just stopped by the Ice Cream Shack and got frozen yogurt. Something different, I guess." I shrug my shoulders, and continue to talk. "So, how was Florida?" I stuff my hands in the pocket of my sweatshirt. She starts to ramble on and on about her trip, as if she'd been waiting forever for me to ask her. I had stopped listening after a bit, and start to feel bad, since she listened to me so well; and I'm just ignoring her like this. But it's too late to start listening, now that I have no idea what she's saying. After she's done talking, she goes quiet.

I see her study my face. She knows now that I wasn't, nor ever was listening. She starts waving her hand in front of my face. I look up. "Huh? Oh, yeah, sounds awesome..." I didn't even know it, but I got caught up in my own thoughts. "Willow, are you alright? Your acting weird... Well, weirder than usual." She looks at me, worried. "I'm alright, Ken. I just got a bit caught up in some things.." I pull my right hand from my sweatshirt pocket, and scratch my head. I then place it back into my pocket. "Oh. Like what...?" She was curious, and I knew she would ask me.

Before I could even think, the dreaded words slipped out. "IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS, YOU DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HER!!" I cover my mouth immediately. What have I done? A few tears roll down Mkenna's cheek. Oh no.. "I know your upset she's gone Willow, and I understand, but please don't take it out on me. In fact, maybe you should get home and get some rest, you seem worked up." She was right. Maybe I should just admit the fact that she's gone. And no one will ever know how amazing she was. Everyone except me.

(Hello everyone, Zero here. This is my first book, and I'm liking how it looks so far. I hope you liked the first chapter, there's more in store!

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