Contest Entree (#8): scaramouche11

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I look as the tree falls towards me. The branches look giant as they come closer and closer to my vision. I don't know what to do, how do I get out of here?! I try to move my feet but they are rooted to the ground. Why does StarClan have to take me now- I didn't even get my warrior name. I wonder what I would've even called- did Millie and Firestar have anything in mind for me? I don't want to leave my brother and sister. I'm too young to die- I still have many great friends. The tree gets closer and closer and I let out one last scream as my vision turns to black.
I don't feel any pain at all when I wake up- I must be in StarClan then as I am not suffering. But when I open my eyes I am in Jayfeather's den. 'Briarpaw,' he turns to face me a look on his face suggests that its bad news, but I can't feel any pain- how can the news be bad? But when I try to move my hind legs I realize why- they have been crushed by the trees branches. I will never be able to move them again. Sometimes I think death would've been a better fate than this.

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