chapter 5 (second year part two)

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A/n everything you recognise belongs to JKR The queen and saviour of litrature

Marlene's head was fuzzy from their victory and probably the 6th bottle of butterbeer in her hand she was dancing with Lily in the middle of the common room they swayed to the beat of a new emerging band called the Weird Sisters.

James pov

"Just ask her out Jamesie. Is she really gonna say no your James sodding Potter quidditch hero, badboy, heart throb." Sirius pleaded. "Fine but only if you'll shut up", "it's a deal, go get her mate"

Lily pov

"Oi Evans" I turned away from Marlene to see who had called my name and saw Potter making his way towards me. I turned and waited for him. "Congratulations on the match Potter" I said as he approached "thanks Evans, I emm I wanted to... willyougooutwithme?" He said the last sentence so fast it took me a few seconds to process when I registered what he had said I assumed he was just messing around asking as a joke because to be honest it was James Potter so I laughed and said "Yeah right Potter"

James pov

I laughed back at her despite the completely crushed feeling and the urge to go to his bed curl up under the covers and never come out I turned to look for where Sirius had disappeared to, I scanned the room and seeing Peter went over to ask after Sirius.

Marlene pov

"Shall we leave these two alone" said Sirius waggling his eyebrows at me I laughed and allowed him to lead me away through the crowd. Im not sure how it happened but somehow we were in a corner of the common room lauhing and talking one minute and the next he was leaning in towards me and my arms were snaking around his neck, him holding my waist gently as our lips met. I felt his toungue brush against my lips and I willingly opened my mouth against his and then we were full on snogging. Omg I was snogging Sirius Black in the corner of the common room wher anyone could see us but at that moment I didn't care all I cared about was his lips on mine. After what could have been several seconds minutes or hours we broke apart I felt lightheaded and slightly dazed I grinned up at him my arms still around his neck he grinned back and released my waist I slid my arms down from around his neck and he turned and walked away looking back he said "see you around Mckinnon" and winked then dissappeared into the crowd. I grinned somehow not able to stop smiling. I had to find Lily.

Lily was nowhere to be found she had apparantly gone straight up to bed after Marlene left with Sirius and she was asleep by the time Marlene thought to go up to the dormitory.

Sirius pov

"You snogged McKinnon?" "Yep, while you were wooing our dear Lily flower Mckinnon and I were making good use of the dark corners of the common room." " Mate she's like my sister dont get me wrong im happy for you but its weird that its Marls" "yeah I know but I think it was just a one time thing. How'd it go with Evans anyway?" "She said no." "Oh sorry mate. Have you seen Lupin lately?" "No he's home his mum's sick again" "really again poor her and Remus"

This was the conversation James and Sirius had as they walked down to breakfast in the great hall they were on the verge of a breakthrough to do with there fellow dormmate

Lily pov

"Black??, you snogged Black?" I asked incredulously. "We're in second year why would you even want to snog anyone?" "Oh grow up Lils dont be such a prude, yeah I snogged him but it was just a one time thing I dont even know how it happened" "Alright but you'll tell me if anything happens won't you?"  "Course Lils" promised Marlene. "What did James say anyway?" "He asked me out. Bye Marls I said I'd meet Sev before breakfast" "Lils what what did you say what what happenned Lilyy?" I called after her. "Tell you later byee"

Sirius pov

Remus had returned two nights back and looked significantly better than he had when he returned. It was time for our confrontation James and I got up Peter trailing behind us and the three of us approached Remus. "We need answers, where do you go every month?" "You know that my mother has been ill" "dont insult out intelligence Remes you think we havent noticed you disappearing at full moon every month and that when we were doing boggarts you were afraid of an orb otherwise known as the moon" i snapped "please Remus tell us and we can help" pleaded James. Remus sighed and closed his book in his lap "fine I wont insult you anymore by pretending your assumtions are correct I'm the monster you believe me to be" "Remus I've seen your sock drawer your not a monster" I laughed trying to imagine any monster who had their socks layed out according to colour perfectly folded of course.

A month later and they were all saying their goodbyes on platform 9 and 3/4 everyone promising to keep in touch over the holidays. Hugs were everywhere and slowly the crowd thinned and left the platform in small groups until it was completely deserted.

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