Chapter 3, I Shouldn't Be Here

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We looked at the rest of the stuff left behind from the crash. Then, I saw it. Mara's Café's sigh was found. It made me cry again. Mrs. Joy put her arm around me. "Callie," she said, "I will make sure you will be safe." Andrew looked around. "Look!" he said, pointing. A scientist was showing everyone a statue from the world. I recognized it. It was the one that was on sale at the shop next to Mara's Café. "We believe they were people just like us," said the scientist, "We also believe that their cities are just like ours." I started to cry. "Is she alright?" asked the scientist. "Yeah, she just hurt herself earlier," she said. The scientist turned back to his audience. "Does anybody have any questions?" he asked. One person rose their hand. "Yes?" asked the scientist. "Did the people from the other world have green skin?" asked the teenage boy. "We don't know if they do," replied the scientist, "We do know they used body lotion though."

After the longest session of questions and answers, the scientist left. Mrs. Joy wanted to wait and see if the scientist knew anything about magic powers. He didn't say anything about magic at all. Mrs. Joy and Andrew showed me around the rest of the museum. All I could think about was my flashback. I missed my parents more than anything. Mrs. Joy finally decided to go home.

When we got home, I got to meet Mr. Dan. He was super nice. He said he would build me a room good enough for a queen. He set to work right away. Andrew made sure his bed was comfy enough for me. He was definitely curios about where I came from. I had to admit I still didn't remember the name of the world. I laid in his bed. All I could think about was the flashback. I looked out the window at the night sky. I stared at one star. It seemed to want me to touch it, to feel it, to notice it. I fell asleep without noticing.


"Momma? Daddy?" I asked when I was young. "Callie, we're right here. We will always be here to help you," my mom said. My dad sat next to me. I sat on his lap. "Look what I got at the store," he said, holding up my favorite lollipop. I only got them if I was good. "Yay!" I said. "You've been a very good girl lately," he said, handing it to me. I took off the wrapper and started to suck on it. It was my favorite flavor, bubble gum. My dad turned on the TV. Yellow Dogs Go was on. It was my favorite show. My dad and mom always watched it with me on Fridays. When the theme song came on, we sand it. "Go yellow dogs, go yellow dogs, right into the fog, past the bog. Oh, go yellow dogs," we sang. "We love you Callie," my parents said.

-End of dream-

I woke up disappointed. It was only a dream, no, a flashback. My memories were coming back. I shouldn't be here, I should be with my parents.

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