Chapter 13

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"What the hell did I just watch??" Casey screamed.

Minho put his hands up for defense,"A shucking Griever, damn. What's wrong?"

"Too soon, Minho! Too soon!"

She told Newt that she couldn't be a Runner, but no.

Well, she did run.



She found him by the Homestead.

"Case? What-"

She cut him off with a hug, hiding behind his back.

"What the bloody hell are you doing?"

"Too soon."


She didn't answer. She just stood behind him. Scared like a kindergartner on the first day of school.

Then, she heard Minho.

His footsteps bounded up the stairs, as he called,"Newt! Where's the girl?"

Before she knew what was happening, Newt shoved her under one of the sick room beds, pulled the covers down, and sat.

She felt the bed bounce.

Beneath the blankets, she saw Minho's feet barge into the room.

"Where in the shuck is the girl, Newt? Where is she?"

"Look, Minho. I don't know. Okay? You were watching her. What did you do?"

"She ran away, Shuckface! I don't know!"

Then, the inevitable happened.

She heard Newt get pushed aside, and the sheets flew up.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Let's go."

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