Everything Has Change

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July 9th
Amber's p.o.v

Today we landed in LA. Oh and if I have not told you, my cousin/manger lives right next door to the Lynches. So I was definitely going to see them. They were even going to pick us up.
"Come on, move people!"
"Amber!" My mom warned me.
"She just wants to see ross" Meghan teased me.
"That's not true!" How did she know! Anyways we finally got off the plane. I practically ran. Then I saw Rydel. I ran to her once again.
"It feels great to be here!"
"I know! Now tell me everything I missed"
"Alright well..." Then ross came into our conversation.
"Ross!" We started talking about random stuff, when Rydel came back.
"Hey can I have a friend back" she said jokingly.
"Hey but she's my BEST friend"
"Yeah but you have a GIRLfriend" my heart dropped. He already has a girlfriend.
"You have a girlfriend?"
"Yeah, her name's Victoria"
"Oh well I would love to meet her" that wasn't true but I didn't want to make it seem like I couldn't stand her because she was dating the guy of my dreams. Even though it was completely true.
Author's note

Ok this chapter is really short and crappy, but the next one will be longer, I promise ✋ anyways keep reading please!

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