Chapter 11

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Ashley and I got back to my house. The dress we got for my date tonight was absolutely stunning. It is a white lacy dress. It's so soft. We were getting ready for my date tonight when my phone rang.

"Hey babe. It's me Shawn."
"Oh hey babe what's up?"
"Just getting ready for my date you?"
"Is Ashley making you all dressed up and wearing make up?"
"Yes. Ugh it is annoying."
"Haha well you gotta suck it up especially for tonight."
"Babe where exactly are we going?"
"That I can't not tell you."
"Why not? Pleasssseeee?"
"Nope. Sorry babe. But trust me you'll love it."
"Well if I'm with you I will"
"You just read my mind."
"Aweee Shawn."
"I love you Bree I gotta go but I'll be there in about 10 minutes. Oh any Bree?"
"Don't go telling people I'm nice."
"To late."
"Dang. Oh well at least I got the hottest girl in school."
"Thanks. But that's a good thing because the guys at school most of them are ugly."
"So where do I go on the attractive scale."
"You're not on it because you beat the attractive scale."
"Oh yeah. You're so gonna get kissed now when I pick you up."
"Yes my dream is coming true."
He laughs. "Haha glad it was because of me. I love you Bree. I'll cya in a few."
"Love you to bye."

Hangs up

"Dang you guys really are cute together."

"Awe thanks Ashley."

Finishes makeup and puts on the dress

Ashley went home as soon as she finished. Which was about a minute ago. I was standing in front of my mirror gazing at how I looked. I had to admit I looked gorgeous. I was playing with the end of my hair when the doorbell rang.

I put on a pair of nude heels on. I walked downstairs and opened the front door. Shawn stood there. God he looks hot!

"Thanks Bree you do to." I said that out loud? Oops. I smiled.


"I was just kidding. You look absolutely gorgeous. I think the term is jaw dropping." I blushed he was sooooo nice!

"Well thanks I tried. Well Ashley did." He laughed.

"Well she did a good job. But you look gorgeous whenever so yeah." We both laughed.

He took my hand in his. We talked to his car. He opened the car door for me. He leaned down and kissed me.

We got to this place. We went in and it was a restaurant. I started to walk to a table when Shawn stopped me.

"Nope. We aren't eating in here." I gave him a confused look. He took me outside. There was this dock that was built above water. It had little moonlights built into the floor of it. There was white lights above the whole thing. They were going in and out of this vine that made an arch above the dock. It was breathtaking.

"Wow." I breathed out. He just smiled. We sat down and started eating. The dinner looked and tasted amazing. After the dinner we just stayed in our seats and we're just talking. Shawn stood up and went inside of the restaurant.

I was wondering why did he leave? Did I do something wrong? Our first date and he just gets up and leaves. What did I do wrong? Was I not what he expected? Why does this happen every single time? I'm just destined to not be happy.

All of a sudden I felt someone's hand on mine. "It's not like that I promise. I could tell by your face what you were thinking. I went to ask they DJ to do something for me."

"What was that?" I murmured. I felt him lift my chin up so I was looking at him.

"I asked him to turn on a certain song. It's our song." I gave him a confused glance. He just smiled and took my hands in his. He pulled me up and out of my chair. I smiled and he pulled/walked me over to this spot. There were moonlights making a circle around us. It made it look like we were in a different place. Like we were floating on a cloud and there was a light forming around us. It really was amazing, and breath taking. I looked around.

"Breath taking huh?" I nodded. All of a sudden the lights went down low. I looked around and then back at Shawn. He had a rose in his hand. He handed it to me and it had a ring on it. It was a promise ring. My jaw slowly dropped. Then the song I'll Be started playing.

He took my hand in his. His other hand wrapped around me waist. He then let go of my hand and pulled me closer. I put my hand on his chest. He thought I was gonna push him away but I didn't. I rested my head on his chest. I knew he was smiling.

He pulled me even closer. He had a firm grip around my waist. I loved this feeling. I started to sing the song.

We started to slow dance. He pushed me back and I spun back into his arm. He spun me around. I was smiling the whole time. He really was the sweetest. At the end of the song he tipped me. He pulled me up slowly. When our faces were facing each other he leaned down and kissed me.

We parted and he pulled me up all the way. We both smiled and he took my hand in his.

"Come on. Let's get you home before your mom gets mad."

"Yeah. Thank you for everything." He smiled at me.

"You're welcome. I mean it's our first date and I love you. I wanted it to be perfect."

"No Shawn." He gave me a confused look. "I mean for everything. When you came here you could of chose anyone to be with. And you chose me. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have stood up for myself. I wouldn't have gotten some of my friends back, I wouldn't have people looking at me like I was a piece of trash. Now people are looking at me with respect again. Thank you Shawn."

"Well I'm really glad I came. I found out how people treated you and I was so pissed. So I made it my mission to help you not be like that anymore."

"So are you saying you were just going to help me out of pity?"

"No I'm saying. I didn't get why they treated you like that. Then I saw them pick on you and I thought no. This is it. She is beautiful and from what I've heard she amazing to be around. Then when you actually let me in I realized I was falling for you. Bree you are the most amazing treasure I've ever gotten. That promise ring. I mean it. I don't want to loose you ever."

"Thanks Shawn."

"Your welcome Bree but it's the truth." I let out a small yawn. He picked me up bridal style and I laid my head in his chest. Pit was really chilly. He took me to the car and turned the heat on. He grabbed a jacket from the back seat and put it on me. I smiled. He was so nice. I can't believe I got him to be mine.

I murmured a thank you and he nodded. He turned on the radio and I'll be came on. I just smiled.

He looked at me and smiled. I started to sing the song. Shawn smiled, he took my hand in his and rubbed the back of my hand. I smiled. I layed back on the seat and pulled my feet up to the seat. I slowly fell asleep. I fell asleep as Shawn said 'Bree I think God put me on this earth for a reason. That reason is to be yours.'

Those words kept replaying in my head. Soon I was fast asleep.

Best Date Ever.

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