Chapter 7

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They found his body near the edge of the woods, the part nearest the town. He had been shot several times, the fatal blow, to his head. Aiden found him the next morning.

The burial was quick and the pack was back at school. Solemn.

Grant, was our leader in a way, he took care of us. Wolves weren't good loner animals, they need a leader. We needed a leader.

Tuesday after school, the boys, Tara, and I headed back to my house for a meeting. We were in better spirits, trading fake blows back and forth, laughing.

My father met us at the door and our good moods immediately evaporated. Quietly, we walked into the living room, filled with other wolves our age and younger. I sat on the arm of the couch, letting my legs dangle, Tara stood nearby holding my hand, and Wes sat back against the couch, stretching his legs out far, then bringing them back in as he sat up, I watched him study my legs before he peeked up at me.

"Since Grant's passing, I had been discussing with the elders and the packs nearest us, and I think we have found someone who can refill the role that Grant played in our lives."

A moment of silence passed before dad spoke again.

"I spoke to my cousin in Manchester and as the pack there is getting similar and he offered to send a male that he has been mentoring to join us here. After weeks of interviewing him and getting to know him I am certain that you will all grow to respect him as much as we respected Grant."

"Ohh a British guy..." Tara whispered next to me, I nudged her, fighting a smile.

My father held out his hand, extending it until a boy, tall, with muscular arms, and a tight, fitted, white shirt. He just looked British; dressed well too well for any American boy. Tara let out a small gasp and I shook my head.

"Fucking ridiculous." I muttered to her, still sizing the boy up.

"Ridiculously hot." She replied, raising her eyebrows.

"Hello." He said, his hand reaching up to rub his face quickly. "I'm Riley."

My father interjected. "Riley will be a fabulous mentor to you younger wolves. There will be time for you to meet with him later. But now, we must talk about the murder. We need to figure out who killed him and why."

"Wasn't it an accident?" Grayson spoke up.

"Not likely."

A murmur went through the room as the young wolves chatted with their neighbors about what could have happened and why.

"Speaking with the other packs there have been murders in their packs too. All on full moons."

The murmur grew louder, whispers exchanging back and forth. Wes and I eyed each other for a moment. Tara's grip on my hand grew tighter.

"We are still not sure of who...or behind this but we have people looking into it and should know by the week's end. Until then, I need you all on your guard, look out for any new faces or feelings that you may find. Let myself or the elders know."

The room fell silent as did my dad. A million things raced through my mind as I peered down at my feet and I bit my lip. Looking up, I made eye contact with Riley. His eyes briefly watching my lip between my teeth, I released it, and he looked away.

"With that said, I'll leave you to talk amongst yourselves and I encourage you all to introduce yourselves to Riley."

My dad nodded his head to us and glided out of the room, his face still wearing a worried frown. Tara let my hand fall as she made her way in front of me.

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