Chapter 1 part 4 Aira

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Hiro POV
I went to SFIT.
When I saw Aira again. She was writing in a classic notebook.
- Hey -
-Oh, Hi Hiro! -
We were talking.
-What does it mean Airashi-a ?- I asked her
- Beauty- she said slowly
-Oh! -
I saw her notebook. She drew a beautiful flower with prismacolors in it.
She saw it and smile.
-Thank you- she said smiling
-Aira how you do that moves with the katana?- I asked her
-My boyfriend teaches me- she said
-Can you teach me?-I asked hYeah!- she said.
She picked up her katana from her backpack.
-First you need to practice with this stick -
-But first rule, the samurai sword is with both hands. -
We were practicing for few hours.
- I need to go, Hiro-
-Ok bye Aira -

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