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        I am talking to you. Yes, you who has nothing else to do but read stories, articles and follow the news. To you, who has become a couch potato! Why is your life so boring? What have you done that lead to your own demise? I will tell you. You have just fed up. Fed up from everything around you.Your parents, your partners, your spouse, your children and of course your job.

        From the beginning you perform the same task on and on. You go to school in order for someone to force you to learn some things that are allegedly going to assist you in the future. Nonsense. You are just another ring in the chain. A slave that is going to help the rich to become richer. Don't you know that one percentage of the world population has accumulated the fifty percent of the world's wealth? What is more, their only concern is to find a way to live forever. Yes, to become immortal just to squeeze you more in order to take the very last drop of you.

        Then you find a job and you earn money just to waste it on renting a flat, paying your bills and trying to get by. Surprisingly, if you earn a lot of money you just squander them by buying useless things and trying to find the right person for you. For what purpose? To get married in order to achieve what?

        To have a couple of children just to realize that the life of a married couple is as boring as it gets. Then you realize that the only thing that remains is to log on to your computer every single night in order to find new friends just to have the notion that you are not alone and to share your misery life with others.

        Later in life, you become old and lose all of your strength and desire to accomplish the slightest task. You are afraid of the death and you become a Christian loyal to the God in order to win a place in heaven. How pathetic does it sound. All your life just to be a beggar!

        My suggestion to you my friend is to be yourself. To have the perseverance to change the world by using you little power in combination with that of others to form a great force that could alter the state of things not only in your society but beyond.

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