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Jenna POV:
Well, here was Miles standing in my doorway high as a kite. Alex found it quite funny, but I couldn't help but get worried. Could I handle two drunken men tonight?
"Alright Ladies! Let's go to the car!"

"Miles? What the fuck? I'm not gonna let you drive!" I'd be insane to let Miles drive in his drunken state.

"Shut up Jenna! You little cheeky minx!" Well, miles was now speaking like a complete alcoholic.

"I'll drive, Jenna can sit in the back."
Thank god for Alex, or else we'd be still arguing.

" A'ight lads let go." We made our way to Alex's car. Quite nice, actually. He recently bought a five seated Cadillac after I encouraged him to get a nicer car. After all, he was making millions and driving a Mini Cooper. (Which I inherited.)

Miles and Alex sat in the front and I took a seat in the back. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without some tunes so Alex turned up some Jay-Z song he's been obsessed with recently.


Plural.....turner.....Turners? What was Miles on about? I noticed Alex shoot him a dirty and questioning look, to which Miles just shrugged and whispered something into Alex's ear. He turned back and gave me a wink along with a smirk. Oh miles...

Alex finally said something after being quiet the whole drive.
"Sooo.... Miles... How is Suki?"
I looked at Miles and noticed that he had an unhappy look on his face.

"We broke up."

Alex suddenly looked at me through his mirror, we were both shocked and didn't know what to say.

"What? Miles, I'm sorry. What happened? When?" Miles now had a neutral expression on his face and was playing with his Death Ramps ring.

"I caught her cheating again... I don't even know why. We were doing so well... I thought she loved me."
I was shocked to hear that she cheated on him, I honestly thought she wouldn't screw it up after getting a second chance.

I leaned over and rubbed Miles' shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Mi. Alex and I are her for you, right Al?" Alex had a pitying expression on his face and quickly agreed with me.

"Of course bud, I've got you buddy." He patted Miles on the shoulder and gave him a reassuring smile.

"Thanks guys."

We kept quiet until we reached the club. It was extremely busy with tons of papparazzi surrounding the building. There were probably some A-list celebrities there tonight.

"Guys. Let's go I don't wanna be her tonight." Miles spoke quickly and obviously wanted to leave.

"What? Why? We just got here Mi.."

"I don't care Alex, can we go? Now?"

"I'll go once you tell me what's wrong!"

"Fuckin' hell Alex! Suki is here with her new boyfriend. Would you want to fucking be here???"

"Oh shit...." And then I spotted her.. With her handsome, new actor boyfriend.

"How about the mall miles?"

"Yeah let's do that instead and maybe grab some dinner."

"Alrighty then let's go. Which mall Jenna?"

"The Westfield shopping center Al."

We drove there in about thirty minutes and parked our car. It was about 9 o'clock, but it was a Saturday night and the mall was open till 12. The three of us entered the mall, and thankfully no one noticed us. We walked around and did a bit of window shopping until we approached the store I had been dreading. Victoria's Secret. Shit.

"HEY! Let's go in here Jenna, I'm sure Al will love that! Won't you Al?" Miles nudged him while Alex laughed. I wasn't impressed. To my dismay, they dragged me in while I tugged and swore at them.

"Guys, please! This is embarrassing!"

"No it's fucking not! Let's go." Miles finally persuaded me to go in with them. Once we entered the store, a giant table filled with all types of lacy and provacative underwear greeted us. Alex strutted over and picked up the skimpiest one he could find. It was red and barely even a G-string.

"Mm babe I'd love to see this on you tonight." He bent down and kissed me on the ear while I hit his arm and told him to shut up. To make matters even better, miles screamed from across the store holding up a matching red lace bra on his chest.

"Alex! Get this one to match for her!"
They both burst out laughing while I went to the perfume section to pretend that I didn't know them.

"Jenna! Come pick some out babe! Come on!"

I looked over to see Miles and Alex by the lacy bras, waving their arms around and laughing. To top it off, they had underwear and bras covering their heads. Oh shit.....

I quickly walked over to them and started yelling at them. But a whisper yell...

"Guys! Shut up, this is so embarrassing. Let's go!"

"Alex isn't letting you leave until you pick out some underwear!"

"Fine .you fuckers!"

I quickly picked out two sets of panties and bras, one in red lace and the other in black.

"Happy?" Alex replied with a smirk and whispered in my ear "I'll be even happier when I see these on you tonight."

I pushed him off playfully and led them out the store.

We continued walking through the mall and went into a few clothing stores to look around. Finally, we got some coffee and pastries from Starbucks to suffice as our dinner. There was about thirty minutes until the mall was closing down so we decided to leave. We went into Alex's car and started driving home.

"That was fun guys, huh?"

"Yep really fun Turners, I loved it."

There it was again. "Turners". Alex kicked Miles in the shin and told him to shut up. They're so weird sometimes.

"Miles are you spending the night or should I drop you off at home?"

" drop me off mate. I've got a recording session tomorrow."

"Mi! You're doing another album? That's so cool!" I was ecstatic to hear that Miles was doing another album, I have always loved hearing new stuff from him.

"Yeah, I think I'm going for a country style this time."

"You're such an idiot Miles." We all laughed and continued talking until we dropped off Miles. Alex and I drove back home, both tired as hell. We finally arrived and carried our shopping bags in his house. Of course, alex lunged straight for the Victoria's Secret bag and pulled out the undies.

"Jen love, do me a favour and wear these babe. Just a quick try on."
He walked over to me and kissed me on my ears, then to my nose, cheek, lips, and continued down my neck.

"Mmm baby. Please just wear those. Pleaseeee." I looked up at him to see his eyes big and pleading. Well.... A try wouldn't hurt.

"Ok then." I was feeling confident and pulled off my boots, pants, and my blouse. My old bra and undies quickly came off, and I didn't bother to cover them up quickly. I felt Alex's eyes linger around and I felt myself heat up. Down there...

"You know what? Fuck it. We don't need underwear." Alex quickly picked me up and carried me to his room.

We had fun.

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