Chapter One

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"Mom? Mom!" I called at the top of the stairs, a badly opened letter in my hands. "What?" My mother answered. She approached the bottom step. "What is it?" She asked again. I had a huge grin across my face. "They accepted me!" I cheered. My mothers expression grew confused. I sighed, "They accepted me into the art school!" I cheered again, a little less enthusiasm this time, due to my mother ruining it the first time. "Oh, oh! Honey that's... Great!" She faked she was excited. "Come on, mom. Be happy for me, just once." I groaned, trudging down the stairs. "I am happy! Why wouldn't I be? Knowing my little Xavier is the best of the best!" She smiled, a little less fake this time. I just rolled my eyes. My overly protective parents do not approve of my talent nor the fact I got accepted into a school in the Netherlands that's almost impossible to get into. I guess my mother always expected her son to be into sports, getting girls, and partying all night long. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if one day I came home drunk off my ass and my mother scolded me smiling. "We'll talk about this when your father gets home, alright? But I am happy for you." She smiled, almost real. She went to hug me but I flinched away. "Almost got it, mom." I said, walking back up the stairs. I got to my room and sat at my laptop. I finished animating my cartoon I had for Tech class and talked to my friend Joseph until my mother called my for dinner. I plugged in my ear piece and pulled up Skype. I waited for him to get online, it was the usual time for him to get on. We did this so much, I almost get tired of it. But then I realize I can't get tired of anything because this is my life. And I only have him anyways. No one else puts up with my shit, except for him. Which explains why we've been friends for so long. I looked down at my screen and noticed he was online, and before I could hit the call button, he called me. "Yo, X!" Joseph shouted in his deep booming voice. "Hey, J." I replied, trying to be as cheerful as my bright friend. "Dude, what's up?" He asked brightly, again. "Just my mother being a fake bitch," I laughed, but more of a irritated laugh then a humorous laugh. "What happened this time?" He sighed. "Okay first awesome news, do you know that art school I've been wanting to attend?" "Yeah, what about it?" "Well, I got in." I smiled. I saw Joseph's expression brighten even more than it normal was from the screen. "X, really?! That's fucking amazing!" He shouted. I jumped at the loud noise and laughed for real this time. "Yeah, I know! But my fucking overprotective mother is fake happy for me. I know she's going to say I can't go because of 'financial issues' or some excuse." I sighed, glancing out the window to see my father was home. "Dude, that sucks. Try telling her, if you don't get to go you'll hang yourself or some shit." He suggested. "Fuck no! Then I'd never see daylight again!" I said. We continued on ranting about how awful my parents were when I head my name being called from downstairs. "I gotta go," I sighed, and before Joseph could answer, I hung up and walked downstairs to see my mother and father standing their with concerned expressions. "Xavier, honey.. We need to talk about this," my mother said. 'Fuck, here it goes' I thought to myself.

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