Snow White is Captured

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Snow White fell from the bed, his demonic side more intense, more ferocious than before. It was truly frightening for Arazell to watch. He tried to reach out for his love but Snow bit deeply into his hand with a venomous look in his bloody crimson eyes. Letting out a cry, the prince held his bleeding hand with his other one. And Snow simply growled angrily at him. He was acting like a wild beast. And Maleficent just watched with a smirk on his face. "Come to me, demon." With glazed over eyes and a low growl, Snow crawled on all fours to the King's side. He looked at the prince who sat dumbfounded on the ground and for a moment, Arazell could've sworn there was regret in his eyes.

Suddenly, there was a pounding on his door. It was panicked and hard. "Prince Arazell! Please open the door!"

"Well then, we shall take our leave now." Maleficent smiled at Arazell. "But we'll leave a parting gift for your ENTIRE kingdom!" He snapped his fingers and Snow Shite flinched. Roaring once more, he ran toward Arazell's balcony and hopped onto the railing. Arazell could hear the citizens below crying out in terror, screaming about the creature on the palace. And then... Snow jumped down. He was going to wreck havoc on the kingdom! Arazell needed to stop him!" Snow!" He stood, stumbling to go after his precious demon. But Maleficent wouldn't have that.

Chains dropped from the sleeves of his black cloak and they attacked the poor prince. Arazell yelled as they laced around his wrists, his ankles, his waist and his throat. They tightened and he was chained to the wall, his body hanging like a limp rag doll. He struggled to break out of them but they simply tightened every time. Maleficent laughed manically, folding his arms. The pounding at the door got even more frantic and it was irritating the King to no end. "Silence, dammit!" He produced a black staff with a ruby at the top. With an evil smirk, he slammed it to the ground. Even on the wall Arazell could feel the vibrations from it. The pounding on his door ceased, the sounds of thudding hitting his ears. Maleficent nodded his head then looked back to Arazell with a smile. "Well then, shall we see what my little servant is up to?"

The room shook violently and almost all of it broke away, turning into ashes and cinder. Below, Arazell was horrified to see the destruction Snow had created. It had happened so fast. The demon was destroying building, killing the innocent people by the dozens. He could see the guards of the kingdom doing everything they could but none of them could even get close to him. Snow stood in the fires of the burning buildings and roared. Those alive screamed, covering their ears in fear. "Snow! Snow, stop it!" Snow looked up to the palace and growled, drool dribbling down the side of his mouth. Maleficent laughed again, covering his mouth.

"You think he'll listen to you?" Maleficent levitated up beside Arazell , slapping him across the face. "Do you think that monster will listen to you? He's under my control, you have no power to stop me!" Arazell glared at the King.

"He will break away from your evilness..." Maleficent narrowed his eyes and another slap went across Arazell's face. Snow blinked, his demonic hearing picking up each slap and blow that Maleficent gave to the Prince. He stood up and looked to the palace. The glazed look in his eyes slowly diminished and he opened his mouth.

"Arazell... Arazell!" He roared and ran to the palace, climbing the towers until he reached what remained of Arazell's chamber. Maleficent as well as Arazell were surprised to see the demon prince, looking infuriated. His angered glare was directed at the evil King. "Don't you dare touch him again! I won't let anyone hurt my Arazell!"

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