Chapter 2

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{James P.O.V.}

      Sunlight streamed through the window, past the open curtains. They rested on the bed in the mist of the morning dew. Resting on the bed, King James lay on the bed sleeping through the morning birds chirp their merry songs. Yawning, James woke up. Walking to the bathroom, lazily he went to go shower and brush his teeth.

    Walking outside the bathroom, I see a maid cleaning and fizing up my room. Once she saw me, she bowed and I nodded. Walking downstairs while putting on my tie on top of my shirt. Downstairs, I found the same girl I drank from yestarday already waiting for me, sitting on the table.

  "Hello, your Majesty."

  "Hello, I think I just want to drink from a cup this morning."

  "OK, I will get your go get your cup."

   She came back a minute later, with my drink in hand.


    Taking my drink in hand, I walked down towards the dungeon to see what to do with this girl. Walking down the damp steps, avoiding rats, webs, and spiders. As I am heading down, I hear Kyle's footsteps walking towards me.

  "Yes Kyle?"

  "She can only stutter, but she won't reply anyways. She looks like a maniac, but at the same time, she looks like she was tortured. Her eyes, man. They look as if they hold a thousand secrets. Mysteries. I call her that, Mystery."

  "Do you know what her name is, the actual one?"

  "Pearl, thats all I know."

  Sunddenly, I am assaulted with the sweetest smell I have ever smelled. Mate,my wolf, Xaviier told me. Walking into the room, I saw her. The mystery girl, Pearl. Seeing her like that, I growled. Kyle looked between me and Pearl. Fear in his eyes. Quickly, he walked over to her to unlock the door and release the handcuffs. Then, he smartly backed off, and out of the room.

   She was peacefully sleeping, on the cold hard floor. She had many bruises, scars, cuts, and everyother form of abuse. And, to top it off, she is half frozen.


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