Chapter 18

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I'm sorry but this chapter will be full of POVS.... SOWWYYYY


Chapter 18

Luke's POV

Today's Ashton's and Zoe's wedding and I know that I will have to win Hams heart by getting to the airport 30 mins before and telling her I love her and I don't want her to go but if we win their hearts back then ash and Zoe get a free holiday!!

"Hey mike, today's the day!!" I smile and he nervously said back "what if she doesn't want me back. What if she moves to america and leaves me here" I then put my hands on his shoulders and half shouted "stop thinking negative because what if she wants you back but is waiting for you to get her back" Michael then sighed and we both then got ready for the wedding. We have thought to avoid ham and Livvie in the wedding but we will leave 5 minutes before the wedding ends, ash and Zoe said it was fine so we are going to say goodbye before the wedding because we won't be there. "Hey ash!! You ready to get a wife?" Calum smiled and ash smiled nervously and said "I am but I'm nervous and happy and scared and excited and jolly and surprised and every emotion put together" we all smiled and drove to the wedding place.

Livvie's POV

I don't think me and ham should move. I think I like Michael.. His charm, his flirtyness, his sexyness, his hair, his everything. Wait. LIVVIE YOU ARE MOVING TO AMERICA AND THATS THAT!! I want to move but I'm prettified.

"Hammmmmmm, I'm having second thoughts about moving" I moaned and ham said "me too but we need to, so we can get a new start and find a new life!! We have lived in the UK all our life so we deserve a change" I smile and Zoe squeals "IM SCARD HAM!! IM SCARD LIV... HALPP" And we all laugh and I say "I've never been married but we have made a video on it and all we said was stay calm and think if the positives the marriage will bring" Zoe then giggled "ZASHTON BABIEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS" and we all burst out laughing while she place on our makeup. then slide into our dresses and head to the wedding place.

Ashtons POV

Today's the day, today's the day I'm going to get married to my amazing girl!! I'm in the car and we are playing Jesus of suburbia and shouting all the lyrics while I tap the drum beat on the chair in front of me and Michael, Luke and calum air guitar the guitar parts!!! We are such a weird band...

Once we get to the wedding place I take a few deep breathes and then get out the car and into the church. I then met the preist and say "is there a place where my friends can leave early because they need to win their girls hearts" the preist then smiled and pointed at the door in the back of the room and said "its just there but will they be quick?" And I nodded and he smiled and said "I would get ready. Zoe will be here any moment now" I then smiled and ran off to find mike, cal and luke. "Hey ash, why yo running?" And I said "try to find you guys because Zoe will be here any minute now!! Oh and mike and Luke good luck trying to win liv and ham I'll be a phone call away" I then man hugged Luke and Michael and we ran into the churches main room to get ready for Zoe's arrival!!

Zoes POV

Today's the day, today's the day I'm going to get married to my amazing boyfriend!! I'm in the car and we are playing Holiday and shouting all the lyrics while I tap the drum beat on the chair in front of me and Ham and Livvie air guitar the guitar parts!!! We are such a weird group of friends!!

Once we get to the church I take a big deep breathe and walk into the church with ham and Livvie at my side. They have their bags and are going to run and put them in the back of the room before the wedding!! As they run to out their bags at the back of the room I heard ham say "she's here and ready to get married ash!!" I smile at what she says and I lean against the closest wall to try and calm myself down. Ham and liv then walk into the room and run towards we and say "BYEEEEEEE!!!!!" I smile "bye guys, I hope you have an amazing time in america and remember to call and text me LOTS!!" they both smiled and Livvie said "were going to leave just as the wedding finishes so we will say a very quick goodbye before we go" I then smile and hug my friends one last time and say "here goes nothing" and we all walk into the room, hooked arms and everything, and walk down the aisle smiling. I could see Livvie staring at Michael in the corner of my eye. I then nudge her and we smile at each other and we get to the end of the pugh so me and ash are facing each other.

*skip to the part near the end*

I then feel a nudge on my arm and she mike and Luke smiling while seeking to the back of the room to the door so they can get to the airport beofr ham and Livvie!! I think its cute that they are doing this for ham and Livvie because I think Livvie likes Michael again and ham, I have no clue!!

The priest then says "Ashton Irwin, do you accept Zoe Millward to be lawfully wedded wife?" Ashton then smiles "I do" the priest then turns to me and says "Zoe Millward, do you accept Ashton Irwin to be lawfully wedded husband?" And I smiled "I do" the preist then said "you may kiss the bride" and me and Ashton face plant each other and kiss each other passionately while the crowd cooes!! I then feel a little poke on my shoulder to see Ham and Livvie sneeking out, ham then lip said "love you, have a nice time with ash" and I smiled and said "thanks". So hopefully mike and luke can win my best friends back!!


Theheh next chapter you will find out if mike and Luke get Livvie and ham

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