baby wake ups

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    aidens pov

i woke up to my little babys tears so i natrully got out of bed ad went to him his little face was soaked you see he is only a month old so yeah i gently picked him up making him a bottle remembering the day i was stuck alone

         flash back
there i was sixteen a month after we had mated waiting for the stick to decide if i was pregnat and when it said i was i was excited utill my mate erik came in he looked upset so i went to him whats wrong hu i said softly he sighed and just shrugged i pushed a little bit more whats wrong he groweled whats wrong is im stuck with a pushey ass mate who cant even give me an error to be ext alfa not to mention just a teeager see he is 18 so yeah the words hit me hard then he said the words that killed me you know what fuck this i erik jason rose reject you aiden leaghann shade it stung like a hundred wasps everything crumbled then i stood up strait a bit of tears and threw the stick at him there is your error how about that now he groweled and said its not that you slept with the whole fuckig pack i laughed no i fucking didnt who told you that he shifted a bit samantha aha my sister i groweled yeah belive her you know what just go knock her up you dick then i lefttttttttt without a goodbye and know i live in texas my mommas home tow

      flash back over

i grabbed my babys bottle feeding it to himsmiling i also found my brother he is an alfa so yeah he is a year older then me ad he runs the packs i texas lke how erik runs the ones in calafornia so yeah i was rocking little jason as his hand was gripping onto my shirt i softly sttarted singing broken by seether ad he fell right asleep i layed him down and the i looked at the clock its about 6 am i the morig i decided to take a shower so i hopped i ad quickly washed i decided that today i would just wear my hair down so i got out ad pulled my supremly raven black hair with matrull blonde highlights in it i just put on a dark coat of eyeliner on my golden eyes witch a the color of pure gold with black specks and my lips are a natrull shaded light light red ad im an ok hight i still have to stretch to reach the top shelf so im kinda short but not too bad i have tan ssssssssssssssssskin even if i dont go tanning so yeah ive always been told i have a bdey of a model curves in perfect places and skiny stomache so yeah thats cool but thats couse im a where wolf my wolf is whitebut it has chrystale blue eyes  eyes and has a print of fire in black on both her sides her name is west i know weird but i developed my wold when i was very young four i think so yeah i put on a pair of blakc booty short couse it was extremly hot and then my dark blue tak top that fits me perfectly and is really cute and is slit in diffrent places on the sides and i put on a pair of grey converse and i was ready for the day jaso woke up smiling at me when my brother came in and he looked worried i raised a eye brow whats up bro he sighed well uhm you see you kow how your ou best fighter i nodded yeah he looked down ad mummbled wellyouseeerikspackfightershavebeenmindswipedsoyouandiadsomeof the packhastogohelp them i sighed speak englghs he nodded ok well eriks pack fighters have gotten amnisa and need to be trained so you and i along with my mate tonya ad red and ethan all have to go train them you can bring along jason to i sighed and my eyes waterd see him again and ott o mention a year later whe i have hisssssss one month kid damn im so excited right he just sighed im sorry sis i shrugged when do we leave he looked uncertai tonight he said i gasped uhm ok i guess i should pack he nodded ad said he would have tonya help me so she came i grabbed suitcases and asked so how long we stayig for she smiled a little smile uhm a month at the very least but probley three i widend my eyes oh uhm okshe just nodded and then said you know what lets have fun on this trip make him regret you i just shook my head and said nahh im ok she shrugged nd said ok and pulled out my summer clothes and stuff then we packed up jasons bag while my brother chad took jaso to the park by the time we finished it was 7 and we all got on the plane taking off this should be fun haha yeah right

i  walked of the plane with jason snuggleing deeper into my chest i slowly set him in his carseat in my jeep i buckled him in he looks like his father even if heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is still young his hair is going a dark brow and his eyes are a deep shade of blue that could memerize thousands of people and he has that smile that makes you wanna smile i just hope he doesnt get his mood swings the ones thing he got from me is the ta ski thats all i shut the door and got in the drivers seat readying myself to do this

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