Ahlan's in the tournament (Part 3) Conclusion.

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Shelly tears ran down her cheecks and onto Ahlans back.
She cried in silence as the wind blew her hair forward.

"Shelly, leave him, be with me I promi-"

"Ahlan!" Shelly cut in her tears rushing down her eyes. 
She pushed Ahlan off of her.
"Im sorry! I cant!"  She said in between sobs. "I'm in love with Nathan"

Ahlans eyes fell to the ground. His fists trembled, as the wind blew his hair  side to side. Ahlan kept his eyes fixed to the ground.
"No, Im sorry Shelly" Ahlan said in a serious tone. "I don't know what came over me" he stood up, exhaled then turned his attention to Shelly.
"Stop crying, you big cry baby" he said with a grin forming on his lips. "Love is selfish I'm happy for you and Nathan" he lied.

Shelly didn't say a word. 
She looked at Ahlan trying to figure him out.

Ahlan sat back down next to a teary Shelly "look at me" he said Shelly turned to look at Ahlan.

"I dont want to hurt you, your my friend, i don't want to hurt my friends" she cried.  

"You didn't hurt me, you bum" implied Ahlan as he wiped her tears with his handkerchief. 

"It's 3:00 now, I got to go home and guard the house while my mom is away" he said as he rose of the bench

"Take this handkerchief wipe your tears you don't look pretty when your crying" 

"Thanks" replied Shelly.

"Hey, i'ma get going" added Ahlan as he turned to leave.

"Ahlan, you will always be my  friend, friendship and romantic love are about the same to me" 

Ahlan stopped walking and looked up to the sky. They both stood at their respectable distances in silence. Ahlan stood on the third step to last of the outside school stairs. Shelly stood a few inches from the bench. The winds song broke the silence as it wrestled with the trees. Ahlan kept looking at the sky as the clouds gathered. 

"Shelly," Ahlan broke in followed with a moment of silence "its going to rain soon, try to get home early"

"Thanks for the heads up" said Shelly with a faint smile.
"Hey, Ahlan will you make it to my party tomorrow" she added

"Yah, I'll be their" replied Ahlan as his foot dropped from the last step.

Ahlan knocked on the door to no reply "Ma! "Ma!" he shouted "Im here". He tried the doorknob but failed. "Ah, i should of not forgot my keys". So he decided to walk behind his house and jumped over the five foot fence that would of had held him back a few years ago. He walked steadily passing the first window which would be his mother's room. He stopped at his window, it was open as usual. He threw his bag in then jumped in himself. 

Ahlan's room glowed with life, his two kittens Simba and Thuri played with his gerbil Sandy tossing him into the air and then catching him as he came back down. Ahlan has five lamps in his room  four on each corner and the fifth one near his bed. Ahlans keeps only one lamp on at all times.  

Ahlan lay flat on his bed. "Well, at least i confessed" he sighed. 

He closed his eyes but was awoken by the ringing of his phone. 


"Yo!, Yo!, Yo!  was up man?"

"Tommy, what is it man?"

"Yo open your door" 

"okay" Ahlan hanged up and walked out his room and to the front door. 

"Ey man look at what I got" Tommy handed Ahlan a disk.

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