Chapter 12

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Distantly, through my hazy and incoherent dreams, I heard loud noises and blurry talking. And I was cold. Still in a state of sleep, I forced away the sound, and nudged up closer to the only source of heat I was getting. I could feel the warmth against the side of my face and neck and craved more of it, tilting my head upwards slightly.


I yanked my head up, causing a hot flash of pain to shoot up my neck, and looked at Mason.

He was looking at me with a highly amused expression, his mouth curved and his eyebrows raised. I closed my own eyes and rubbed a hand awkwardly across the back of my neck.

"Was I just-"

"Yeah. " Mason replied, stretching his arms forward in front of him.

I groaned and ran a tired hand down my face. "I'm sorry. You were like a hot water bottle."

Mason flashed me a smug grin. "You think I'm hot?"

I threw him a baffled look. "Do you suffer from selective hearing?"

Mason rolled his eyes before running a hand through his messy hair. For a second, I got lost as I took in his blond locks. Even after an entire plane ride, Mason's hair still looked good. It was dishevelled yes, but still in a way where one would think he'd styled it to look like that. In fact, it gave him an almost bad-boy look.

I cringed when I thought of my own hair. Wearily, I ran a hand through down my dark strands, subtly trying to smooth them with my fingers.

"You look fine Pierce. I'm sure the British will love you." Sarcasm dripped off of his sentence.

I quickly placed my hand on my lap and shot him a dirty look. "Shut up."

But Mason's sentence suddenly made me take notice of my surroundings, and what had woken me up.

The lights of the plane were all on now, hostesses were walking around asking people to put up their seats, the seatbelt signs were flashing red, and I then heard the pilot over the intercom, announcing that we would be landing at Heathrow Airport in ten minutes.

I turned to Mason in shock, and slowly excitement etched onto my features.

"We're nearly there. Oh my God, I'm out of America; I'm literally in England, in Europe!"

I knew that I'd actually left America a good number of hours ago, but suddenly it all felt so real, so close. I was almost bouncing in my seat with anticipation.

Mason opened his mouth as though he were about to correct me, his eyes dry, but something changed when he took in my expression and instead gave me a crooked smile.

"Yup. Only ten minutes now."

I pulled up the window visor and peered through the hard plastic, wondering if I would be able to see anything. However, we were still too far up, and as it was three in the morning in the UK everything outside was still black.

I turned back to Mason, and caught him in the middle of a yawn. Looking at his eyes, I could see that he was exhausted.

Guiltily, I wondered if I had made him uncomfortable, resting on his shoulder for the majority of the night.

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