Chapter 7

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We see Jen eating white frosting walking with Rick

R: where did you get that frosting

J: *poker face* nowhere

R: please tell me you didn't get from a that was in the trash again


R: *faceplam* forget I asked your getting it all over your face and it don't look like frosting

J: *evil smile* I have an idea

R: oh god I am not going along with that

J: *puppy dog face* pwease for me

R: *sigh* I guess I can go along with it

J: *fist pumps* yuss

Rick then hugs her from behind

R: *whispering in her ear* lets make it look like you can't barely walk and I need to carry you for reasons

Jen just smiles and nods then Rick picks her up bridal style Jen starts to blush Rick just looks at her and just starts to stare at her face

J: uh Rick you ok your kinda zoned out and staring at me and it's creeping me out

Rick bits his lip

R: sorry lets go

And they take off and Jen screams then starts to laugh and they take off down the sidewalk to Rick's house Rick just kicks his door down then goes to his room and throws Jen on his bed Jen just screams and laughs her head

J: we got alot of stares coming here

R: I think that I broke my door

J: well if you did I can fix it

Rick goes and sits on his bed Jen was lying then she went to a sitting postion Rick looks at her and hugs her Jen tenses up then she hugs him Rick pulls back

R: I was thinking when we were running here that we haven't had a kiss that wasn't a dare

J: really I never really thought about it

R: yeah

J: your right now that I think about it your right

Rick bites his lip then looks at her

R: well um would you like at least one not be a dare?

Rick sounded as if he was unsure of himself

J: *shocked* *bits lip* *looks down* *sighs* yeah

Rick just opened his eyes in shock then looked at her then he grabs her chin Jen was blushing more then when he broke her he slowly brought his face to hers and kisses her slowly and deeply Jen kisses him back as soon as he kisses her her leaving her side and wrapped around his neck pulling him closer to her Rick then pulls her onto his lap their lips moved in sync after awhile Rick licked Jens bottom lip Jen hesitated before open her lips allowing him access to her mouth she shivered as his tongue explored her mouth

A: well well what have I stumbled upon here

Jens and Rick's eyes fly open and they pull apart panting softly both blushing as much as humanly possible

A: what is all over your face Jen

J: frosting

A: why were you guys kissing

R: we doing something before you interrupted us

A: yeah kissing but why

J: none of your business

A: it is since it's my little bro and the girl who has a problem with him and who came to me for help

R: you have a problem with me

J: it's not important right now ok it's nothing

R: well I'm curious since if you have a problem with me we can talk about

J: how did you get in here

A: the doors broken

R: well I need to fix it *gets up to go fix door*

A: why were you guys kissing knowing that you chose him as your mate and with the madness thing and good of a grip do you even have on it

J: she won't come out unless I am willing to go blind for a few hours and I let her out

A: ok but why were you guys kissing

J: it was his idea he was thinking about all of kisses and all of them except the one you just interrupted were dares so he asked me if I wanted at least one not to be dare and I guess I let my feelings control me

A: *sigh* you should be more careful

J: why did you even come here

A: I was looking for you two so we can go on a mission

J: you can go by yourself y'know

A: clean your face

R: ok I fixed the door

A: Rick do you wanna go on a mission

R: you can by yourself

A: that's what Jen just said well I'll tell Sarah and Mack know that it's just gonna be us for the mission *leaves*

R: you know I'm dragon slayer right

J: yeah why

R: I heard you and Angel talking just now

J: O.O I have to go 

Jen then starts to get up to leave but Rick grabs her wrist and pulls her into another kiss Jen out of instinct kisses him back and her arms returned to his neck pulling him closer to her Rick pulls back from the kiss

R: you could've just told me you know

J: *puts head down* it's just that I thought that you wouldn't except my true feelings

R: hey when you left it tore me in halve it felt as if you took my heart with you and after that me and Zoey started to fight all the time then we broke up after while I realized why I was taking you leaving the hardest it was because somewhere along the road I fell in love with you it took you leaving for me to realise what an a*s I was to my mate I love you Jen don't ever think otherwise ok

J: *starts to cry* ok

R: hey what's wrong

J: nothing I'm just so happy

They kiss one more time then started to cuddle

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So a touching chapter so to give a general idea of when this is going on its about a year before save the past

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